Schedule for Christmas weekend

Christmas this year falls on a Friday which is obviously our big money day.
In previous years Christmas eve has always been a slow day for us, not worth being open except when it was on a Friday and then it was still off by over 50%.
Since our regular Friday crowd will not be ordering on Friday should we expect a decent Thursday or should we expect the normal Christmas eve trend?
My plan now is to open on Thursday and plan to close early but play it by ear and stay open as long as we have a flow of business. What is everybody else doing?


we will close at 7 pm. it will be a good day but not great

We have tried several times to be open on xmas eve…never pays off for us. We are closed xmas eve and xmas.

What we see is the day before Christmas Eve is normally Friday level sales. Two years ago we stopped being open on X-mas eve as it wasn’t worth the sales vs. the goodwill we earned with our staff for allowing them to have both days of Christmas off. Of course the day after Christmas has historically been either our best day of the year or the second best behind Black Friday. Just depends.

we are in a small townbut we will be open till 8-9 on thurs and then my wife and i will open up at 3pm christmas day we usaully do a decent day just do pizza no other menu items

The last 2 years have trened different for us with Christmas Eve being fairly busy.

We open at 5pm and stop taking orders at 8.15pm and close the doors at 8.45pm and are all out by 9.15 after dumping all perishables and cleaning out the coolroom. We are then closed until 4th January.

We find Christmas Eve doing somewhere between Sunday and Saturday taking around $1500 - $1800, but it could be more as we always sell out of dough (of course no back up dough avaiable due to long close after Christmas) and pre-cut perishables. It seems that customers are just wanting something quick and easy on Christmas Eve rather than cooking especially if we have a really hot night and they are out around the pool or down at the beach. Oh that’s right, we are right into our summer period and temp gets up around 40 celsius unlike you poor folk who will be digging yourself out of snow drifts.