Schedule Software

Right now we do our employee schedules manually. We are looking for a good software to generate employee schedules and calculate hours. Thanks.

Most POS systems will handle the employees clocking in and out and generate the reports for doing payroll. In the case of Prism, it also tracks things like tips and allows the employees to clock in for different jobs (we have several that are both drivers and cooks and we pay different hourly wages for those jobs) Prism will also handle the scheduling but we do not use the feature finding it easier to do manually for the bulletin board where we post it.

I personally still do it the old fashioned way too. I can do the schedule in about 20 minutes with about 20 employees. Our POS has scheduling but it is to awkward. Main issue is a lot of the shifts are open ended and don’t have a scheduled leaving time. One of my employees gives me his schedule from his other job. They use I looked at it, but I just don’t see the point in paying a monthly fee for it. That seems to be the business model many of them follow. I’m sure if we switched to something electronic, it would be a positive change. A free option is DRoster, their premium is 249.00 to buy outright. I wish some of the POS companies would focus more on this and give a more robust option. Maybe I am missing out and scheduling software can change my life.

Same as those above, your POS should be able to track time clocked in. As far as scheduling, I use a good ole spreadsheet for up to 30 employees. Copy, paste, edit, forecast, print. I can do 3 weeks in about 10 minutes.

I use an app on my ipad called Shifty to do scheduling…I think it cost $10 but well worth it…I let the POS keep track as time clock