Scholarships for Staff

Have any of you started a scholarship for employees? I am think of offering one to anyone who works for me for 2 years while in high school and plans to study Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management, Business, Marketing or joins the Armed Services. I want to encourage my staff to go to college or to join the military and to let them know I appreciate there commitment to my store while in High School. Is this a waste of time and money or is it something that will differentiate me from other employers?

I think that’s awesome.

Unfortunately I do not have any info for you, but I LOVE your idea. I will be watching this closely to see if there are any ideas I can use to do the same thing.

we will be doing this after our new restaurant is up and running.
I think you cant buy this type of advertising and YOU have to follow up get pictures of the student display in your store.
what are your parameters going to be?

I would think this would generate some good PR and also help you possibly attract a better quality of school-age employees.

Do you think it may cause some resentment from some of your other non-college bound workers?

What size shop do you have / how many employees?

I don’t know the parameters yet. I thought of another idea that would reward the people that work the most. It would be a scholarship that is based of the number of hours they have worked for me. I would give them $.10 for every hour worked in the form of a scholarship. I don’t know how this will go over with the non-college bound students. We have 17 employees and 13 of them are students. At this time they are all college bound.

I pay for 1 class for my manager each semester. Thats what got him to start going in the first place, and now he loves it.

I can tell his commitment to us is hightened everytime we show our commitment to him by paying for a class. Now he takes 2 or 3 classes a semester, with gov grants paying for the rest. Its actually pretting amazing, a guy who barely graduated highschool, and never figured he’d get to go to college, is getting A’s in college.

In addition, I make my office computer available to him to do papers on do research on the net when he’s not working.