school contracts . . . got sample?

Anyone out there have a schoool contract actually on paper and using that you can scan and send to me? I do not believe our school system is using pizzerias/contracts currently, and I wnt to put on a good presentation when I approach the Board about it. I have a general business awareness with them, so it won’t be a total cold call, but changing the paradigm is always simpler with the whole thing tied up in a neat ball.

I believe our City Attoreney’s firm represents the Board of Education as well, so I have a friendly interaction along the contract review line as well. Just need one that is already warm and fuzzy somewhere so I don’t have to create one from whole cloth, so to speak.

I’ll use pictures of your shop and shop name as credits when I get rich and famous :lol:

nick, I wish I could help, if you come accross one could you send one my way. I have been looking for a long time and havent found one. I was thinking I know someone at a school where I grew up (out of my territory) and they have a contract with papa johns, I want to approach them and ask for a copy of the contract to copy some verbage

from what I know most school districts really don’t have contracts with pizza vendors. depending on the size of the district they know that they have the high volume to demand superior product and service ALL THE TIME. if they don’t like a vendor they can just boot them out of the system anytime. also some states prohibits schools from seeking out bids. you can layout terms with them as far as delivery schedule, calling in orders, logistical stuff but I almost guarantee that a district will not a sign a contract w/ terms that mandate them to stick with you on a certain duration even if the response to your product is not up to par to what their looking for. You also have to consider the nutritional contents of your product as most schools (especially those that participate in a federally subsidized program- NSLP) have very strict requirements.

Our local school corporation does put up its pizza contract for an annual bid. I have the materials from this year (albeit stained with what appears to be garlic butter). I could scan or fax - let me know what your email/fax # is in a PM and I’ll send it off later this afternoon when I get back in the office.

Just Goggle “school pizza contract” and you will get 100s of hits…

None of which are of any use… lol…

Steve there were several samples of specifications that should give folks some ideas…But the bottom line is if they decide to dump you they will find a way…

Brad if you get time could you fax one to me?
also remind Jim from presto to pick up a take and bake cuban black pizza yummmmmm
fax num 317 858 7118

The downside of school contracts “contract or no” We use to make them sign a contract but if the person in charge changes so can your contract.

Are contracts not legally-binding documents up in Canada?

Food Service Director: “I’m sorry, we’re dropping you.”
Pizza Vendor: “What, why? We had a deal!”
Food Service Director: “Cause I said so, that’s why. That spit-and-handshake was with the old Director anyways.”
Pizza Vendor: “Awww, shucks!”

There’s many a way to void a contract . . . like nit-picking the smallest provisions. Late one time is actually a violation of contract, and could be enforceable to void it, unless there is a provision about what to do and how many lates is a bad thing. That sort of thing can be played effectively by shrewd executives.

I mainly want to have a contract sample in hand to show and establish the new mindset of contracting with a pizza place. It doesn’t have to be overly complex, I suspect. I just want to show something concrete that other places have used with restaurants.

Nick, did you manage to download and print my massive email?

Rockstar, did you get my fax?

Nick, I toyed with the idea of School Contracts, but the bottom line is they go with the bottom $$ bid. I’m not going to change my business model to compete with $4.00 pizzas.

Got it. No page 1, but 2 page two’s on the contract. I got a good idea, though of what is going on with it. Lots of little holes to claim contract breach, too.

pizza2007, I know what you mean. I am in a unique situation with several schools in that NO ONE is in a position to service tose contracts as affordably as I am. No other pizza places in their towns that can handle the volume . . . I’m going to struggle just a little with more than 60 or so pies in a morning right now . . . small schools are my target for research and speculation.

Contracts are legally binding and Lawyers charge $200 plus an hour.