School Fundraiser - Not School Night

We are looking to work with schools to have the kids sell our Peel-a-Deal Funraiser card.

We intend to split the proceeds 60/40 with the school.

Does anyone have a good introduction and/or “instruction” sheet for the school?

Any other thoughts?

Thank you,

If you haven’t bought your cards yet check with Royster13 he has some that are lower priced than the Peel-A-Deal.

Our local Papa Murphy’s has something like this. The cards cost $1.00 and are sold for $5.00 with about 6 different offers. The school get the $4.00 while Papa Murphy’s get good PR and more orders.

Depending on the offers you put together and the value, I think a price point for selling the cards should be around $5-$10. This my experience from those that have come to my door. If it is up towards $20 I ususally skip it.

The cards have ~16 peel off coupons on the back. The total saving for the customer is ~$110. The cards will be sold for $10 each.

We already have the cards, but if we get a few schools on-board we will need to order more.

We are working on putting the package together to take to the decision maker at a number of schools. We want to make it as simple as possible for the school.