School Marketing

Does anyone offer Free or discounted food with report cards? We are thinking about going to the schools and letting them know that we want to offer any student with an A on their report cards a FREE personal pan pizza. I think if the parents bring them in for their free pizza, the rest of the family will order something as well. I am trying to figure out how to regulate this to make sure that the same report card isn’t copied and brought in several times. I was thinking of signing the back, but then it could just be copied and brought back in. I was also thinking about entering the kids’ names into our POS with maybe their parent’s name in the comments section??? Let me know what you think…

How do you handle this now?
Do you offer any other incentives like this?

Thanks in advance.


Every year at the beginning of the school year, I get permission from the county office and drop off a letter to each of the schools, explaining our rewards and fundraiser programs. When it comes to the free pizzas, we encourage teachers to use them for Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, etc. You do get some parents that get just the free pizza, but a majority of families will order food along with the free pizza so it does create revenue, but as you said how to prevent abuse? The best solution that I have found, and what we do, is to work directly with the teachers and provide them with the certificates. I provide them with a set number of certificates (I ask them how many they expect to use) and have them sign their name on it and print the childs name when they present the coupon. I then ask them to e-mail me a list of the students presented with the reward a day or two in advance if they could, so that I may prepare a proper amount of dough for the increase in small pizzas. If I feel a teacher is abusing the system (i.e, they ask for 10 times their class size) then I will tell them we limit it to 4x a class size (1 reward per student per quarter) or something, but I’ve never had that happen yet. Most teachers are appreciative of the support and therefore honest.