school night

So, we are gonna do a School Night where we give a percent back, In the past we sent home sheets with all the kids a day before the event and the day of we did neon stickers that had reminders WORKED real well. Now I found out they are going paperless and more green…any ideas on how to get teh information out there (they did email newsletter the last time and it was a disaster.

A couple of ideas:

A banner promoting school/pizza night where the parents pick up their kids.

Have one of your employees or yourself go to the school the day of the event and dress in costume and hold a sign promoting your event.

The schools I have pizza nights with allow me to do both of the above.

my issude with these fundraiser nights is some of the organizations expect to do nothing as far as promoting the event and just want the proceeds. So we overstaff expecting a huge turnout and I have a parent handing out flyers in front of my store to all my existing customers because nobody promoted the event :evil: :evil:

we decided to go in a different direction…we have a “party room” that seats 50 so I am thinking og having the organization book seating every hour from 5-8 so we can book approx 150 people for the night. There would be a requirement that at least 100 people are reserved in order to hold the event. I am thinking of something simple like 2 slices and a soda that we normally sell as a combo for $4. I am not sure of the pricing, but to make it really worthwhile as a fundraiser I was thinking of having the group charge $10 per person and they can pocket the $6/ea for a potential of $900. Maybe I can collect emails that would enter a lucky winner for a $100 gift card, The best part all I would need to staff is a runner and a busboy because all it would be is running cheese slices and soda refills.

Any thoughts?

My experience over the last two years with fundraisers has shown me one thing. They don’t care about you, so don’t lose any money caring about them.

Some groups are awesome and really appreciate the donation, most think it’s their right and are just waiting for a corporate joint to give them an extra 1% or, even worse, be a little closer to their school so it’s not such a hassle to drive to get their food.

How about stamps that are put on their daily work (or whatever your school has)? They still have paper work right? Or demand a one time exclusive email to their list for each event?

We do had our first 15 percent deal wirth my local elementary school last week and had a 4400 Wednesday out of the deal. Chexk averages were high and coupons were minimum. Dunno if that will keep up but I hope so. We’re actively seeking out more clubs and schools. We also got the chance to sell exclusively at the schools trunk-or-treat last week. We offered $8 one-topping thin crust pizzas cash only. We sold 154 and it only took one extra employee. I think building a relationship with these groups is a very positive thing if u are a community based business. And yes, sometimes the org will care more about themselves than you but a good repoire with one big community group is worth a few bad experiences with another…

pcuezze is absolutely spot on. I’m just frustrated with some terrible experiences I’ve had this year where I sought out groups in need and presented a mutually beneficial plan and then got hosed.

Here’s what I’m planning on doing from now on for my fundraisers:

Aver’s Pizza Percentage-of-Sales Fundraising

Aver’s Pizza will set up a fundraising day for a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

On the agreed upon day, Aver’s Pizza gives 20% of purchases by those participating in the fundraiser back to the organization. And since we are trying to get customers to use our new online ordering system, we will give back an additional 5% for each of those orders placed online! Fundraising runs from open until close on the chosen day

The organization will actively need to promote the selected day among their members and instruct them to save the receipt (or the printed label off their pizza box) from their order. Someone from the organization will need to collect all the receipts from the members and mail them in together to:


Aver’s Pizza will cut a check to the organization for the percentage amount as soon as we receive the packet.

We will need two-weeks notice in advance of the desired fundraising day - this gives Aver’s Pizza time to properly staff the stores and allows the organization enough time to properly promote it.

Orders may be placed at both Aver’s Pizza Bloomington locations:

(addresses & phone number)

or by browsing to to order online for the 5% bonus.

Contact Brad Randall @ (phone number) to arrange a fundraising day.

This setup requires the group to put some effort into the event to generate funds. The better they promote it, the more they stand to make.

I’ve already set one up for November 16th. I’ll let everyone know how it works.