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So I signed up to do a presentation for my daughter’s kindergarten class about what I do for work. The presentation has to be no more than 30 minutes and her teacher wants us to bring in something for the kids to take home with them. Any tips or suggestions as for presentation material and what to give the kiddos to take home. I was thinking of doing a pizza making presentation for them doing some dough spinning and pizza building and then making them a free small cheese pizza gift certificate to take home. Having the kids help in the pizza building probably isn’t an option as there are 30 kids in her class and it would probably be a mess. My husband wants to video tape this as well and put it on our Facebook page. Any help is appreciated!

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make it a Science experience discuss yeast as a single cell organism, how it eats the sugars and it farts its gases to expand dough how the sugar is a browning agent. how heat effects the yeast and makes it jump around and has a party and makes the Dough spring up.:):D:eek::rolleyes:

Fat Boy has a great idea there. I’d also make it a 12" three topping pizza. You might be bringing in a family that has not been to your store yet, and even if they have, it will make for some cheap advertising.
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When I do a presentation, I like to plant the entrepreneurial seed too. I take in bills & change and ask the kids how much money from each $10 pizza I sell do they think I get to keep? Some are baffled that I don’t get to take home all $10! Then I peel away $3ish for the ingredients, another $3ish to pay the employees and taxes, and so on until I’m left with some change. That sparks more questions about how many pizzas we sell in a day, how many employees do we have, etc… always a good discussion about how a business works.

Hey Georgia! I think we spoke about this in Vegas. I know it’s a bit more work but you can have them make their own pizza like we do when we do field trips except we do them in our shop. Have the kids work in pairs. We stretch the dough and portion out sauce and cheese so that each kid could do that portion. Have them write their names on the box and bring them back cooked for lunch. We have been doing this for over 1oyrs for EVERY 1st grader in our school system (approx 250 each year) and provide it free of charge and send every kid home with a nice cloth apron with our logo on it. We do 2 classes every day for 1 week from 10-11am…it’s alot of work, but it is probably our single best marketing “event” and we keep every class picture on our wall of fame forever.http://

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I would love to do something like this but it’s going to be in her classroom and it only going to be for 30 minutes and it will be after their lunch time. I’m thinking of bringing in lunch for them anyway.

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I like the apron idea—when we did the field trip years ago, I was going to do just plain white aprons (you can get a dozen aprons for $10.00) but they didn’t give us enough notice to get them in.

I also did the presentation in the kitchen—I had it all figured out how I was going to present it, but had one child that would not stay still—so in building the pizza I had him and 2 other volunteers come help me. ( When I started out I told them how important it was to wash yours hands and to make sure that the work areas were sanitized, It was really cute because they knew before they started to wash their hands and when cheese fell on the table, the one wanted a rag to clean it up)

I would also suggest giving each child 4 to 6 ounces of dough that they can play with, a lot of youngsters have never felt a pizza (bread) dough. Some of the ones I had were simply amazed by it.

Maybe make the gift certificates yourself and put a coloring page on the back with your name and logo that they can color before redeeming.

Your presentation may not go as you have planned, but just have fun with it.

I like this idea maybe I’ll make it a competition

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Another thought. Maybe do paper cut outs of crust,sauce, cheese,pepperoni, mushrooms, etc. And the kiddos can build a paper pizza with you building a real one.