School Program/Fund-Raiser

Tried the archives but I can’t really find the particulars. I have seen several people allude to “school nights”. I would like to get info on some of the different approaches and particulars for these.

If you would be so kind to share, any info would be truly appreciated. I’ve had a couple of different youth leagues approach me. I want to make sure we have everything considered and covered, so it works well for everyone.

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School Nights!!! They are a great way to give back to your community without writing a check from your bottom line. Basically the way it works it you give a portion of the sale back to the organization who is involved. I tend to stick with Elementary PTA’s or PTO’s, and Middle & High School Music Departments. I give them a flyer to duplicate at their own cost to hand out to their friends, family, teachers, and the students. I might also put a small add in the local paper to help its success. Usually you have them send out a flyer a week in advance, and then again the night before.

The flyer might say "Help support your “(local school name)” PTA, buy any products from “(your pizza store)” on “(specific date)” and a portion of the sale (I spell it out 10% or 25%, but some choose to keep it hidden)will go to their organization.

I usually run these events on a Tuesday Night, this give an organization a chance to disseminate your flyer to the students again, one night before the event, and Tuesday won’t interfere with a families usual Friday, or Saturday plans to buy pizza. I have tried Wednesday, and Thursday, but is ends up affecting my Friday, and Saturday. So I believe that Tuesday is the best opportunity for everyone to succeed.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t take off immediately, some organizations are really good at getting the word out and some aren’t. Just find two or three organizations, that are broad in scope, and sit on them forever, the goodwill you create is immeasurable, and try to get the local paper to do a newspaper article on it after your first real successful night. Or after several have been done, and the accumulated funds given to a organization have reach say $1000. this is noteworthy, and in most neighborhoods, it is given great consideration and praise.

Whatever you do don’t stop, create a schedule throughout the whole year for each organization, and repeat it every four weeks or so.

Good Luck!


Send me your email addy and I’ll shoot you the flyers. -J_r0kk

Great info! Thank you very much.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to getting it.


Would there be a possibility of getting a copy of those flyers as well. I’m working on getting into our local scools, but I’m inexperienced at the approach.

Thanks in advance.

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Send me a e mail as wel. I intrested to see the flyer.

I did some sponsorship or give away but never done any kind of School Fundraising but I like to do it in this coming months.

J-rock can you also send me one too.

By the way you are one of the creative, honest good posters in this site. Unfortunately not much of us willing to spend time to help others the way you do. Great job j-rock.

Hey I’m willing to spend the time but I don’t have NEARLY the amount of knowledge as J-Rock. I’m try to contribute in some areas of the business where I’ve had experience.

J-Rock is da man. I am aspiring to be da man.

well i was thinking when reading this, and what about supplying the schools with pizzas for slices for their sporting events such as volleyball and basketball and giving them a 50% discount. You wont make much off of it but its guaranteed sales, and you can get the name out there. Tell me what you guys think.

i sell $5 pizza with 24 pep cut into 6 slices to the school concession stand they sell them for about 1.50-1.75 a slice they mak a good profit for their organizationand my product gets out there

Another idea is…

In these sporting events, during halftime or a time out, get the PA announcer to give free pizzas to row XXX, Seats XXX - XXX. While they’re cheering and standing up, a person will be in that section handing out gift certificates so there’s no confusion on who actually won. Of course they’ve got to give you a little plug in doing so, but it creates a little excitement with the crowd and gets your name out there. I see this done at professional sporting events with entire sections. I’ve never done it as it just popped in my head, but seems like something cool to do.


I would gladly give them a reduced rate pizza to sell. But I don’t really want it promoted as my product. No one handles and presents your product like you.

In other words, I don’t want a pizza that’s been sitting around being sold as my product. I do like the idea of promotions during the game, to draw some of the crowd after the game.