School Promotions/Specials

Hey Everyone,
Everything is running fine and I’m settling into the Fall season. I’ve been extremely busy with catering, I promise I will post more about my processes involving my email campaigns, I kinda dropped the ball on a couple people sorry.
My question is, I’m now on the “Bear Card” at our local High School, it’s a fund raiser for a variety of school organizations, and my offer is buy 1 get 1 1/2 of of equal or lesser value. It’s still early in the school year and I want to offer a variety of stuff to all the schools in my area. I am putting together copy for my e-mailings and our local paper when I kinda got spooked. I was going to offer a free 10inch pie for an “A” on a report card. With all the PC stuff today I was wondering if I was on weird ground by doing that? I’m going to offer a flat 10% discount for kids with their school ID’s which includes their family members. Now, short of going to each school and seeking out the right people to talk to, which I don’t think I have time to do, what other offers or promotions can I do? I’m buying a school flag, some pom poms and other sports related stuff for decorating as well. Just interested in what everyone else is doing, thanks!


Hannah, you seem to be running a fantastic operation out there so don’t take my suggestions as anymore than just drivel, but are you sure about the free pie for every A on the report card? With some coming in with maybe 6 or 7 classes…all “A’s” could have you shucking out plenty of free meals. I’d suggest thinking up some boundries or limits built into your offer.

Also, the first thing that hit me with the 10% discount, it would seem you’ve now just discounted maybe 80% or more of your daily invoices? If you consider the number of customers with school age children, add in any potential “senior citizen” discounting you may do, you seem to be potentially chopping off a lot of your profit stream.

But…you have a store up and running, mine is still on paper and in my heart, so as the wiser say, “your milage may vary…”

Ya, it sometimes takes putting pen to paper to realise positives and negatives, that’s why we have this forum. Just fishing for that one GREAT idea! Where you at Deacon?

We’re in “east-central” Illinois, corn country. I’m one of your fans just based on your commentary & attitude here on this board and from what I see on your website. You have a great business attitude and I’d love to drop in and experience it as a customer someday if my travels ever take me your direction.

We’ve been working on getting a place opened up here in town for 8-9 months…I’m (as the name mentions) a religious sort of fella and believe that we’ve simply been getting directed into the location we’re “just about” ready to sign on hopefully by mid-October. It’s been a long haul, but will be superior to the places I’d been considering. It’s in part my trolling around in this community which has convinced me that we can do this! Work our behinds off for sure, but I think we’re going to have a good run.

im on the other side of the opinion,
we are going to be doing that each student that gets an a in the core classes, english, math, science and social studies will get a free pizza (7 inch personal size pizza). it really brings in familys and adds to my bottom line.

There’s a good idea…run a “Reading,Writing, 'Rithmatic” promo where you can logically limit your free pizza’s to the core specified classes. Now, how do we handle the homeschooler’s and “progressive” school districts that don’t issue grades? Hmmmm. :?