school questions

Hi. I know this has been discussed before and I’ve read the threads before this and I haven’t seen anything like this yet. My problem is this. I’ve gone to the school district - which happens to be right across the street from us. I introduced myself and gave them a menu and a few other things. I just wanted to get them the information and possible post the menu in their lunch room. I was told that it had to get “approved” by the superintendant before it could get posted! It’s just a menu - not a political statement. My other problem is the high school (which is also across the street from us) will not allow me to get the school advisors names for the school clubs. It would be considered a solicitation and it’s not allowed.

My question is this. Does anyone have any suggestion about how to go about getting more involved with the school? I was told by the students that come in (we sell up to 20 - 18" pies as slices everyday) that they’d pass them out to the teachers. If they do that and it comes back to haunt me, I won’t be able to get in at all.

Any suggestions? Sorry I rambled on but I need some advice. Thanks in advance.

Most schools can’t resist a donation. Donate gift certificates for the school to give out as awards for excellence. I have a coupon printed in every school news letter that if used will get the school a donation of $$$ back to the parents council.

To explain the school district position: use of public funds and facilities to promote private business interests. Not a good thing at all to do as a policy . . . advertising businesses using public tax dollars.

On the other hand, I got to know several teachers very well, as well as their kids, and they fought for me from the inside. I still have to go through the superintendent for some of my flyers and stuff, but we have local support. We have been doing fund raisers for 4 months, have prodivded free and low cost pizzas for events, have fed the entire staff on teacher work days/in-service days, and volunteered at a couple of events. We put in time and effort before going to the well for support.

Establish a working relationship so they don’t think you are using them fro free marketing.

Nick has some good ideas on getting in there - Have you tried contacting any private schools in the area? Since they work on a different budget structure than public schools it might be easier to get into them (even though they’re not right across the street). Most of them in my area bring in pizza every Friday for the kids. The good thing is they usually use indy pizza joints! However the little one brings home coupons for a free small Domino’s cheese pizza whenever she does something special (I’m not exactly sure what they have to do for them but they give them out from time to time as recognition for doing something good).

Just this morning, we were invited to make a presentation on the closed circuit TV network in the elementary school. The kids script, produce and present every morning. News, weather, menu for the day . . . and Pizza Nick & Kim presenting the winners of the pizza night promo. Kids come from the winning classes to get certificates for their class winning either a pizza party of a gift card to school supply store for teacher to use. AND check for cash to the library clerk (she’s our mayor, too.)

We have finally crossed over into friends with the school. It took involving with the teachers and parents to get it to happen as the principal was lukewarm to most of it. We have been able to rely on them for some resources for local community events that aren’t pizzeria sponsored, as well as some space to put signs for School Night with our name and logo prominently featured. For the privilege, we buy books for the school library, or donate the money to them and they buy the books.

I know what you mean as far as friends of the school. I go to 6 schools every week and the kid all know me as Daddio. I have given each school pens and locker magnets for each student and will be giving T-shirts for prizes in the spring. Today my total orders from the schools added up to over
$700. It started today with class parties and ended with a school dance.

It took 2 years to get into one of the schools and that only happened when they changed admin staff. The secretary had a brother who was a LC manager.

Thanks for all the advice. We have pizzas in two private schools and will be starting another one in January. As far as the public school, we make donations all the time for the school. The choir and band use us all the time. There are a few teachers that will order from us for events, but I’m sure we could be doing more. I’ve seen the garbage cans outside the district office with a few LC boxes. They are down the street from us. I’m sure it has alot to do with price. My sons own school goes to LC as they can get a $5 pie where we won’t/can’t make a pie that cheap. I will keep plugging at it!

My grand daughter’s class was going to order from LC the other day and she told the teacher that she wouldn’t eat it if it didn’t come from Papa’s store. I think the teacher got the message cause they ordered from me.

I even went so far as giving the principal a presentation. My family has gone to the church for over 30 years, my parents had a deli across the street from the school/church for 8 of those years. It all comes down to the price! The funny thing is that when my sons class has pizza parties for students birthdays etc. they get it from us! Go figure!