School Support

Do any of you buy ads in a local school year book or newspaper? Do you do it for all the schools? There are about 5 high schools near me that all approach me,should I do them all or just select one or two?

we only have one high school in our area but dang they hit us for yearbook ,they hit us for each sport,they never stop! always need money for something so we got min. ad for yearbook 50.00 one of my employess is on yearbook staff so we did it but i think its a waste the yearbooks dont come out till the end of year they look at them for few weeks then get put up.our new policy is if they need money we will sell them pizzas at a very discounted price deliver them to the school and let them use a warmer to sell slices and bring pizzas as they need em and then bill them after the event. so they have a chance to make about 8.00$per pie so far no takers no one wants to work that hard i guess rather get a handout . off subject a little we did donate 250.00 dollars to a guy in our area thats going over to china for the special olypics that made us feel good and were very proud of him. :smiley: but they just asked for anything we could give we did not feel pressured to give

I came up with the idea since we get hit up so often with prorgam book & yearbook ads that we would sponsor them, but we would pay with a gift card from our place…I explain that we can not sponsor every organization normally, but this way we do everybody. Usually a team will order or I even had a parent who was a customer pay the cash and keep the gift catd for when he orders. My $5o gift card only really costs me $15 in costs and alot of times they order more than the value of the card…everybody is happy :smiley:

That is a great idea. I will send the royalty money to you swiss account. Gift card sponcership it is from now on.

i only use gift card donations for everything…all the other walkin clubs that want $$ only get gift cards period
has been working great and have gotten alot of new customers over the years