scicilian pizza

I am very interested in doing a sciclian style pizza. I have messed with a few dough recipes and just dont seem to be getting it quite right. Is anybody out there willing to share some insight on a dough recipe and instructions on how to prep the dough prior to topping. I have read in a few places that some people proof there dough for 3 hours before cooking. It seems that would be difficult to do and keep up with production.

I forgot where I was reading this but it said that when they are making a Sicilian pizza they will open a bunch of doughs in pans and let them rise for an hour before ordering. So they would have a bunch already opened up and ready before people would order. Once someone ordered one they would already been risen and ready to top.

At the mall based pizza places that I ran, we would stretch them in oiled pans and then put warm water on the bottom of a covered rack to let them rise quicker. Then we would par bake them just enough to have barely see any brown. We’d pull them out, flip them over with the smooth side up and put 5 to a plastic bag. We usually made about 300 just for black friday.

The dough we used was the same recipe as the new york style, we made the batch with hot water in order to make it rise faster as well.

Good Luck!!

thanks Jim, I drive by your store quite frequently btw. I take my daughter to the doctor across the street and sometimes get groceries at that meijers. There was some coupons for your store in the doctors office and i keep meaning to stop in and check ya out but I usually forget by the time I leave.

Pizza-making has a great forum on Sicilian-Style Pizza.

Makes one 16’ sicilian pie

Grease your square pan. If its sicilian it’s square.

take your first proofed dough ball(whatever you use for your large pie, probably around 16-22 oz?)

turn it upside down on a floured table.

then take your second dough ball and match it right side up (bottom to bottom) with the first one

lightly pound together without throwing the circle off.

Dip in flour then proceed to pound it out as if you were going to make a pretty think 18 inch pie

Carefully place it into the greased pan . Adjust it carefully to take the wrinkles out of the dough. Pull all four corners as close to the edge as you can without tearing the dough.

If you have a Dough docker with sharp edges generously roll across the dough. If you don’t have one, simply poke holes with a fork over all 16 inches.

These crusts depending on the temperature of the room should spend anywhere from 1-4 hours Proofing. Easy ways to proof the dough.

  1. Turn your dough trays upside down over the pans. We find this is our best method.
  2. brush the top with oil and cover with clear wrap. (i hate this method but it works)
    3)put it inside a garbage bag( clean of course)

After proofing once again give it a couple of pokes with your fork. Don’t be afraid to let the dough breathe.

cook until just browning…get it a little before if you can. Once you figure out how this procedure acts in your oven. in my oven the front right corner is 10 mins and the back left is 8-9

Cool em down and stack em inside a garbage bag in the fridge.

At this point you can sauce and cheese it. It should take about the same time as your large pie.