Scooter Insurance....ouch!

I previously posted about getting a scooter for delivery, and was ready to get one but…I cant find insurance! Does anyone have any recommendations on who can insure it for my guys to drive?

Are those with scooters not getting proper coverage and “flying under the radar”?

I could relly use some help on this one.



In Fla, it must be able to be licensed…if licensed, then you get motorcycle insurance, ala Geico/Progressive etc.

I will post a list over the weekend of the 7 or so companies that I’ve found that offer hired non owned insurance. I don’t know if any will insure a scooter, but it’ll give you a starting point.

Concklin Insurance is where I would start. Try Mike Odonnell at 1800-451-1565 or

Another agent I have had that has worked hard for me is Allen Lill from Consolidated Benefit Services, 888-633-4729 x 1006, Email:
The rest of the companies I post, I have no experience with, but have seen the at various pizza shows or been refered to them throughout the years.

HRH insurance is the NAPO insurance agency. I believe they will only write policies for places doing less than 50% of their sales in deliveries. 1800-786-6482

Brown and Brown is recently advertising in the pizza magazines. 1800-411-4144

Heffernan Insurance Brokers, Dave Sandin 1800-208-6912

AmWins Program Underwriters Keith George (717)214-7603

International Property and Casualty (775)782-6655 []( one isn’t an agent, have your agent contact them for insurance)

Professional Team Insurance Services (818)609-9133

PJ from pizzasure used to be a regular on PMQ. he was never able to write a policy for me in Florida but is quite knowledgable. 1-888-312-9843