Anyone using scooters for delivery?

1-quicker for close runs
2-cheaper (gas, purchase price etc)
3-no registration/insurance red’q in some states for 49cc or less
4-cool factor

if only you can get INSURANCE…that is why only myself or family are the only ones allowed to use…if for nothing else i really like taking a run or 2 on a nice day in the afternoon to get out

I would be too scared having employees use as they are not the safest ways to deliver

I’ve kept returning to this myself - for some reason, scooters are specifically excluded from non-owned hired insurance.
Makes no sense to me, as it’s hard to injure SOMEONE ELSE when delivering on a scooter - and that’s the real risk of delivery - your hired driver hurting someone in another vehicle.

I’m wondering recently if I can do it completely separately from my hired/non-owned setup, by only doing it with employee owned and very carefully insured scooters - NOT with a company scooter.

Anyone set up with insured scooters, please chime in!!


I’ve two stores with 7 scooters in all. You won’t get these on non-owned - most people don;t have pizza boxes/racks on their own bikes :wink:

You’ll need to buy the scooter and insure than as company vehicles - chances are you’ll only get third party on these as the chances of them getting stolen is high and also the (cheap) cost of replacement means that comprehensive insurance over a year or two will simply cost too much:

Pro’s -
quick at getting through traffic
limited parking space and great where you have a parking problem
opens up driver opertunities to those without cars
cost of running (as opposed to $1+ per delivery to drivers)
great in the summer

con’s (theres loads)
tend to get young drivers who drive like idiots
chances of theft are high so make sure you get alarms etc
can’t use them in snow/high wind/heavy rain
cost of safety equipment
need servicing very regularly and tend to go through tyres very quickly
storage - need to be kept in a garage (not the shop) due to fuel

In my operations I’m in busy town centre locations so they are great for getting through traffic in rush hour and as I say it opens up extra driver oppertunities.

hope this helps


Has anyone using a scooter had a box built to attach to the rack, or even found where to buy one? I have a scooter myself, with a rack, but I cannot find a hot box of any type. Anyone know?

I have a fleet of company owned scooters, and they are all I deliver on, taifun, rain or snow.

I would be happy to sell insulated boxes made of FRP for about $500 plus shipping if you are looking for them.

I insure then with a company fleet plan. $300 deductable, and my monthly payments are very low. And nothing compares with 160 miles to a gallon of gas. That alone pays for insurance.

Someone mentioned tires go quickly. Sure they do, but at $34 a pop, you are really not looking at any seriouse expense.

I did hear about a competitor heaving a few bikes stolen and I noticed a chain around them the other day when driving past, but I keep my bikes in the parking lot next to my shop and ahve never had a problem with theft.

I also had a competitor hit a school girl. She died at the scene. These things are not toys. The simple mistake of not having a neck strap killed an employee of the company I worked for before going independant. Sure the novelty is great, but having scooters and not enough training will get you far more PR.


Who did you get this insurance through?


AIG. They offer a fleet insurance plan for 10 or more company owned scooters. I am not sure about the costs for non-fleet coverage though.

Does this fit the bill for what you are looking for?
Is anyone using one of these? I would like to know how well they go over.

For $3,000???!! Way too expensive there. If you have an operation doing $20,000 a week then those babies might get you through, but the price tag is a bit steep. You can get set up with a great Honds scooter for 2/3 that price.

Are 2 stroke engines still legal in the US? They have been banned here for a while due to emission standards. I could only get an idea from the pictures, but I would bet that will only last 20,000 Kilos. A cub on the otherhand will last well over 100,000. That box on the back will not fit a 14 inch pizza either.

Other than that, it looks like a pretty catchy bike.

Re: Scooters!/ pedal tricycles here

I plan to use a pedal tricycle with an insulated box for deliveries within a 1000 yards. Hire drivers with autos for the rest.

Anybody using tricycles or bicycles ?


I have one and I love it…I had a customer who works with fiberglass make the opening of the box bigger to fit 18" boxes (normally made for 16")…I think it will hold 7-18" pies if I remember correctly…anyways I paid approx $1500 for a brand new leftover model last year so you can get a better price I would think…Where I am no registration or insurance is req’d for the 49cc (as such only myself and my brother-in law use to get out in the afternoon or run errands around town…more of a novelty than anything else…kids think its cool )…would be an option though in warmer climates where weather is not a problem…I got mine to push 37mph after I disconnected the governor…upgrade muffler can get you a few more mph, but for long runs I recommend the 150cc which required motorcyle requirements

I’ve had my eye on that TGB myself - but here it IS a registration, license, and insurance issue. And I’d need the same 18" modification!