scott hack help with pos pizza

scott need help my sytem went down in th emiddle of the rush friday nite with an error 7 can’t seem to find it on the pos pizza forums any idea how to fix this or contact scott from pos pizza

call me 580-658-6692

thanks dennis

can you open the manager screen?

Shut down stations Go into management utility to Maintenance to database management tool to PizzCustPZ25 and rebuild files this should fix error 7


i can get into the mgr screen i have rebuilt all the files that can rebuild keeps popping out error 7

when i try to put in an order and when i try to add item it popsup
trm_get: unexpected error 7)

Have you called them for tech support? It sounds like theres a corruption in the database.

Have you installed update pack 1
it includes:

** This update includes ALL changes from Reports Pack 1, and Utility Pack 2a.

Added File Recover routine to Database Maintenance Tool to help eliminate Error 7’s from data files.


The only time I had anything like this happen whas when I did an update with the make line monitor and printer on. That wilol mess things up, as all notes must be off.

It was easily fixed by doing a re-install. My data/codes remained the same and things ran smoothly from there on.