scott hack

hey scott, are you a member of pizza partner?

I was. Not anymore though.

why not?

It wasn’t a good fit for my shop. We originally joined for the discounts with some of the vendors, but I found out that I didn’t like most of the vendors KK had choosen to work with. We were on the lowest level of the service, so I can’t comment on anything else about the program, because I don’t know.

OK thanks for the info. I will see how it works for me.

I can tell you that the website talks about downloadable material… but not much of it exists… and what is there isn’t impressive. I think KK got busy with a great idea, and forgot what he was hyping. The content on the website just doesn’t match the hype.

what about
have you tried them?

Nope, I haven’t tried them. Do you have MSN IM Redbarn?