scrapers for acme dough rollers


Anyone know where to get a set for a reasonable price? I bought some for AAA and the holes they drill are not even close. We ended up installing them upside down, but they do not work well at all.


Try <> or call at 253-853-7462.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for everyone who replied (some sent private that I did not get a chance to reply to). Anyway, I bought my last 2 sets from AAA reconditioning in North Dakota, and to be quite frank they are/were not good. The first set came without any holes drilled in them. When I called them to discuss, she told me to go to hardware store and tole me drill them myself. 2nd one came with holes but they did not line up at all. even had the bevel on wrong side. Did not stand behind the product at all. $130 and had to throw away after 30 days.
I ordered a different set from B&S repair in Arkansas, holes were off a tad, but the scrapers do a much better job of keeping the rollers clean. I would definitely recommend B&S repair and not waste my time with AAA Reconditioning.