Screen or Disc?

I visited a local ny style pizzeria today and saw they were preparing and cooking pies on what looked like a screen but seemed to be rubber/like and bendable. These screen like discs almost seemed like you could fold them in half. Does anyone have an idea what these dics could be. I currently cook directly on stones but these discs piqued my curiosity.

I don’t recall ever seeing any silicone “screens”, but WRH Industries, the same folks who bring us the pizza boxes <> makes a bunch of different products very similar to what you have described. They make a flat baking sheet, even a cake pan that you could stuff into your pocket, so it’s just a tick away from a silicone screen. I’d suggest contacting Paul Bartley at WRH to see if they are the ones making what you saw. By the way, when it comes to making N.Y. style pizzas, in my humble opinion, baking right on the deck is still the only way to go if you have a deck oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

deck ovens are not intended for screens
you clean the stones with a brush or not at all…let the heat burn off the overflow of the ingredients
screens are intended for conveyor ovens to avoid the mess

Screens, on the other hand, are quite useful in deck ovens where the bake character of the dough/pizza requires slowing the bottom crust browning rate. The pies will end up on the stones/deck at some point, and that is quite common.

Not everyone uses screens in their decks, but I’ve read here several who do use one sort or another. I do.

gives a platform for pre making the skins
best to “deck” the pizza as soon as possible after being in the oven,
I have done the same thing with disks and a deck oven,

could not have put it better Nick. we cook on screen for aout 6 minutes, take off the screen and cook 3 minutes to brown the bottom. (all times variable depending on volume at time)