seafood market

Hi there! I’m inveterate vegetarian. I have been eating seafood and vegetables since 1990. Almost 17 years.
I tasted different kind of seafood such as fish, crab meat, octopus, shrimps, oysters, caviar and other. But my favorite dish is fried squids.
When I was married my wife cooked it for me. Now I’m single. I can’t cook at all. So I’m looking for seafood market restaurant.
I want to order fresh seafood to my office and home. I’ve found this one seafood market houston . I ordered shrimps and oysters there twice. It was very tasty!
Sometimes I cook shrimps myself. May be someone knows where can I order fresh or frozen shrimps?

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Have you tried Whole Foods Market? Besides high prices, the seafood has no chemicals, including Fresh Gulf Shrimp. The only brand I buy. Yum.

cooking like anything takes patience and plenty of practice. Calimari (fried Squid) is a very hard thing to do. If you undercook it it’s nasty and can get you sick, if you over cook it it’s all rubbery. It takes a lot of practice to get it down, but once you do… man it’s great. and you can put anything in the flour you want, any kinds of spices and seasonings. The best Calimari I’ve ever had was at the Water Street Restaurant in Wilmington NC, we sat outside in their sidewalk dining area that overlooks the Cape Fear River and had calimari It couldn’t have been cooked more perfect.