Search for the Perfect Pizza Cutter

Hello everyone,

I am in search of the perfect pizza cutter… I would love it if I could get some suggestions! What pizza cutter do you use at your pizzaria? I like larger blades, I am currently using a 4-inch blade, and it is the perfect size for me. I find that most cutters, the blade wobbles a lot, so I am thinking something with a double guard might prevent that. Please share your insights and what cutter you use.

Thank you

I switched to the Dexter 5" wheel cutter a few years ago and won’t use anything else. You will get your best cut from a rocker knife 2 handled blade type cutter if that fits your operation. It doesn’t fit ours because we cut in the box. The 5 inch wheel cutter will emulate the rocker knife by producing a downward cut on the pizza, where the 4 inch will cuts more from the side a will tend to push the toppings around.

You will have to order them most likely.

We use pizza cutters from our knife service. After years of pizza cutters getting dull, for $2 each every 2 weeks we get 2 sharp! pizza cutters. Don’t have to worry about pizzas not being cut all the way through anymore. We cut the pizza on the box and fold it after it’s cut. They are 4" wheels. I feel that the cutter has more control and less wobble when you use the smaller wheel.


I used the Dexter 4" cutter for years and finally tried a 5". I’ve never looked back. I just sold my campus store to another franchisee from our company who also has always used a 4". After the first couple shifts using the 5" at his new store he said he couldn’t believe he hadn’t made the switch before.

We prefer a large rocking blade, it doesn’t scatter toppings across the pie

It feels gigantic the first time you use it.

Ok, so it sounds like a Dexter cutter is going to be my best bet… I have a rocker for our Chicago and Sicilian Style pizzas, but for our 30" I need a cutter…

Sounds like a 5" is better than the 4"… Any suggestions on the best price? I found on Amazon I can pick one up for around $25.

I found this one for $11 I’m not sure what your shipping would be. I was going to order 10 and my shipping was going to be $16 total^99450598259-sku^009@ADL4P177A@ADL45PCP-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^46123248419

We use the rocker knife. But our largest is an 18".

we’ve never cut in the box, do you leave it completely unfolded to start cut, it seems it would slow the cut person down in a huge way, quick lesson ?

We cut in a folded box, 2 at a time…trick is to turn the box around so the top flips down on the cut table…when landing the pie, it shouldn’t land near the top edge, giving u enuf room to cut thru…the the sides will fold out slightly to cut the 3-9 line…finish the other 2 cuts, scootch the pie further up & close the box…we can do 100 pie/hrs easily…

We keep our 4 sizes of boxes under the cut table in stacks, inside up. Grab the box and lay on the table. Put perfect crust liner on the box, about 3" above the place where you will be “flipping” the cardboard over when you fold the front of the box. Place pizza on the liner, cut. Fold box sides, pull perfect crust liner and pizza down so they are fully in the box. Flip over the top and close.
The advantage to doing this I feel, is three-fold. One, it helps to guarantee the pizza is fully cut at the crust, since you don’t have to contend with the sides. Two, time is not wasted folding boxes. The biggest waste of time, I have noticed, is workers thinking they are being helpful being dreadfully slow at folding boxes and making stacks to the ceiling. Don’t waste my time - I can fold them 3x faster than you AND my stack will be straight, unlike your leaning tower, LOL! Third, there is a lot less space in the store wasted with folded boxes.
Yes, it does slow down the oven A LITTLE, but not that much, I feel, to justify a pizza that is not cut through. A sharp pizza cutter helps with this also.

We tested this system out a few months ago and got crushed during the rush. I still think it is the best way though. Like you said, ( slow box folders ) I’m still working on it though. I’ll figure it out. It makes the most sense to me to not only save space but also to only handle the box 1 time.

on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ll have 3 working the cut table…prolly always have 400+ various sized boxes, neatly stacked/locked…our cut table is 8’ long…couldn’t do one box at a time…

Rocker knife is going to give you a clean cut i agree with everyone else on here the dexter roller cutter does not wobble havent tried the 5" but now i will because the toppings do get pushed around with the smaller cutter. We prefold our boxes it doesnt take that long to do yes they do take up a bunch of space folded but during the rush it definitely speeds things up. It really doesnt take us that long to fold boxes new guys are slow in the begining but like everything else you just need a system. We also do pan pizza so we cant store our boxes under the cut table that is where we throw the pans after they come out of the oven.

Shane are you related to Nick?..Welcome to the group…And I doubt you are related to Nick but there is a resemblance…

You can throw me in the Dexter camp also. Tho i am not sure if we use the 4 or 5" blade. My guess is 4" tho.

My main cutter I buy from 1 place

and although my chain wants me to use a rocker blade for the Square Pan I use this instead as speed is of the essence.

My local place hase similar cutters but the quality sucks and I really like the angle in the handle the best vs Dexter Russel which is more straight. FYI - I buy my Italian Metal Peels from this same website and my flexible dough blades.

We used the 4" dexter for decades then I finally decided to try the 5". It seemed huge for sure and I couldn’t cut straight for a bit but it cuts through the pizza a lot better than the 4" as far as not pushing toppings around

We use the single blade cutters from “quality by liones”. We like the fat handles, the ball bearings, and the ease of getting it surgically clean.