Seasonal wood-fired brick oven pizza restaurant seeks POS system

Looking to replace our written ‘guest check’ system with an electronic version. I’ve read quite a few posts on these systems, but, most are for pizza restaurants with delivery, multiple stations, multiple locations, inventory, reports, etc. However, I’m only looking for a system to accommodate a large number of orders in a short period of time. To explain, we are only open from May 17th weekend to the end of September each year. We are open only on Friday/Saturday/Sunday from 5-9pm each day. Our restaurant is a ‘destination’ restaurant, we are 12 miles out from town into farm country in western Wisconsin, no other restaurants are nearby. So, we get a huge amount of people lining up each day. We have two stations, or bars, that take orders for pizza, beer, wine, pop and ice cream. Would like to have a system to easily place orders for pizza, half and half pizzas, and drinks. I would run reports and then, manually enter them into Quickbooks Accounting. No need for POS electronic payroll, can have the kids write it down for me, and enter them into QB payroll.

My concern, is to have the TWO stations be able to ‘talk’ to each other, where the front bar takes the initial orders, pizza and drinks, then for refills the 2nd bar can update the original order. When the customer is done, they pay at the end, I’d have all the updated information at hand for them. Thanks! Dave

Pretty much any of the POS systems out there will do what you are looking for. Sounds like what you need though, is three stations at least. 1. Front Bar. 2. Other Bar, 3. Kitchen (so they can see what is ordered and make it!)

If you want to run reports from one of the other stations that will work fine. If you have an office though, having a fourth computer on the network is great so you do not have to do your management work at the bar!

BTW, using the clock-in clock-out feature on most POS systems is a lot better than having the kids write it down. The computer controls the “time” entered. No more fudging the numbers! Besides this is not an add-on feature that costs more, so why wouldn’t you want to use it.

@NelsonStoneBarn , if you feel like making a trip towards Minocqua, I’d be more than happy to show you how Point Of Success performs, I am very pleased with the software, and I kept costs down by assembling the system with readily available, off the shelf hardware.
We run 2 terminals, but ours are side by side because we only offer counter service. I suggest using Win-7 Pro OS, it makes networking, printer sharing, etc etc, real easy