Seasonality of Pizza

I am looking for a seasonality curve of Pizza by month:

Example the total should equal to 100%

Which months do you sell the most pizza?

I put an example below of the information I am hoping to find:
Jan: 14%
Feb: 10%
Mar: 9%
Apr: 6%
May: 5%
Jun: 5%
July: 4%
Aug: 6%
Sep: 8%
Oct: 11%
Dec: 12%
Tot: 100%

I have been looking throughout the internet and cannot seem to find this information anywhere. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Tara is is kinda hard to tell… it all depends… usually between the months of sep - jan is where a place sell the most… from feb - aug pizza sales are slower than others… july is a very bad month because vacation etc…

Ray is right, in other words, 10 different 10 would have 10 different statistics, even geographically close to each other,
There is some aggregate answer, you may be able to get some seasonal numbers from the big chains to gleen some information.
Us independents will be all over the board on it.
There are certain days that are good for most, like Super Bowl day.

It also depends on what kind of place you have…
Also, what are you selling other than pizza.

But, our busy months are: July - Oct.

Good Luck!