Seasoning pizza with salt.

I use very fresh ingredients and sometimes they just dont pop, they feel under seasoned. So I have been playing around with salt. I know pizza is already very high on the sodium list does any one else season there pizza? I did a taste test side by side the pizza with salt was more flavorful. I am thinking salt the pizza with out pepperoni or other salty toppings. Any experience would be helpful

How much salt do you use when making your dough? This can have a significant impact upon the overall flavor of the finished pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Right now, im not going to lie im using arrizo dough balls. kinda hand tossed. I am working on my dough if you have a perfect recipe for hand tossed dough im all ears. I am working on a getting a mixer right now.

A couple of questions:
How much dough do you envision making?
What kind of mixer are you looking to buy?
What size mixer?
What functions do you need your mixer to perform? (mix sauce, grind, shred, slice, mix dough, etc.?)
A good basic dough formula ia as follows:
Flour (strong bread type flour) 100%
Salt: 1.75%
Sugar: 0 to 2%
IDY: 0.375%
Water: 60%
Oil: 2%
Use the delayed oil addition mixing method to ensure dough consistency.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am saving for a spiral from italy. I want to do 50 pound bags. I have been playing with your all purpose recipe.

Good point Tom. Also, another option you could try is buttering the entire skin lightly with butter. There’s actually a very popular pizzeria in NY or NJ that puts butter in their sauce and folks rave about the flavor of their sauce.

I use a basting brush to distribute and then commence building the less flavorful pizzas like you’re describing. Mostly cheese pizzas and veggie pizzas. We also dust each pie with oregano and Grande’s Romano cheese before they go in the oven. “Puts a little stank on it” like Got Rocks mentioned awhile back! All make a big difference in the end product and set yourself apart (or ahead) from everyone else…plus they look sexy when they come out and sexy sells!