seating small dining area

I have a small section for dine in
was thinking of using all tables and chairs instead of booths
my ding area is 18ft across buy 23ft long
door in the middle

We ended up not using booths for the sake of space at our second location. It has worked out fine. Also, if you put your tables diagonal you will probably be able to get an extra table in there. Definately will give you more space to walk.

I would consider a mix of Booths, and Tables with chairs. As a parent, I prefer a booth, it helps me control my smaller kids better, I can put my child on the inside and keep him/her between me and the wall. If he/she was on a chair, I turn my head for a moment and he/she might slip away, cruisin into mischief.

Hello red,I would definitely go w/ the tables and chairs,get rid of those horrible booths.So much cleaner looking and a larger look to boot.For the kids that can’t be controlled by their parents well,I don’t want them there anyhoo.


We have an 18 by 22 dining room that is all tables. We get flexibility to accommodate larger parties, rearrange for live entertainment, and cleaning around them is pretty simple compared to the booths. We mostly chose it for the open and clean look . . . and because we found 4-tops for $32 apiece.

We got used table tops with hideous finish on them. $10 apiece, and a little sandpaper/polyurethane later, the table tops are a hit. Inexpensive table bases for $22, and the tables were a score. If you have time and talent for putting poly on good tops, then shop at used equipment stores. It has been a real boon to us to get these tables.

I agree with Nick they are great when having parties and cleaning.

As for the kids…even though some can be a “pain” we love kids at our place. We look at them not only as future customers for life but future employees.

We provide coloring sheets and play “dough” to help entertain them. When one is really unruly we usually go and ask if we can bring them to the back to help “make” their pizza if they promise to be good. It always works and the parents love it.