Seattle Specialties

I don’t know how many of you have had calls for a company called Seattle Specialties, but for those of you who haven’t here is a heads up on them.

When I first opened last year, the called and talked me into buying 250 magnets for $100.00 plus shipping, at the time I didn’t know any better and did it. I got the magnets and they were pretty ugly, one color on a white background. I decided I wouldn’t use that company anymore for magnets because I started using Royster’s company. (Great Price and Great Products) Seattle Specialties kept calling me and trying to be funny and wouldn’t let me talk as went on and on with there sales spiel. I told them many times I wasn’t interested in the products any more and to not to call me.

Today, I get a call from them again and the rep would stop talking, I was in the middle of a big order for a catering event and I told the rep I didn’t have time and wasn’t interested. He then asked me “ Have we rubbed you the wrong way?� and I said “ Actually yes� and was going to explain to him that they were overpriced and the way the attack me on there sales calls was irritating, but before I could say that he said “ Then go $&@# yourself then� I was in shock. I called and tried to get a hold of his boss and he wouldn’t take my call. I would recommend staying as far a way from this company as possible.

You should have told them to go @^%$ themselves long before they had the chance. But don’t worry, I bet you anything they will be calling you again sooner or later.

We had one of the video surveilance companies that"lease" their system for payments that amount to 20K plus call us 3 times a week. Finally we said sure we would love to see the system. When they told us it was “indestructible”, we put it to the test. It wasn’t! They still call us even after breaking thier camera.

Glad I do not have to resort to tactics like that…I have been so busy I hardly have time to return calls to folks that want to talk to me…

That is funny.
Coming from a sales background, I hate when I see people resorting to dishonest practices in order to get business. It never works long term.
Here’s something I bumped into that just made me laugh -
Opening my place, I reviewed the “lease” for zero dollars a month on a coke fridge (I think it was that - I also have a fountain system). The fine print of the document basically said that I could not sell ANY BEVERAGE that wasn’t made by Coca Cola, ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING. If I did, they had the right to retroactively bill me for ANY DISCOUNTS they had given me over the previous 5 years. Or something like 5 years.
I swear - it was ABSURD.
I asked, “people really sign this nonsense? They sell a coffee and suddenly owe you 10K?”. They said, “oh we don’t enforce that stuff”.
Oh, goody.
They came up with a different agreement within a couple days…

When we bought a pizza place many years back there was a Pepsi cooler…We were told it was on loan from Pepsi…A couple week later the Pepsi rep came in and asked why we had not placed any orders from him…We told him Pepsi products were much cheaper at the local cash and carry…He told us if we were buying from the cash and carry we could not keep the cooler…I immediately asked my cook and driver to clean out the cooler and put it outside…The Pepsi rep said he could not take it away that day…I told him it was not our property so I could care less if it was stolen from outside as it was his problem…He quickly changed his tune and said we could keep the cooler and we never heard from him again…

It happened AGAIN! Same Rep. didn’t know who I was said the samething to me. I can not believe that a company can stay in business with reps like this guy.

Did you take advantage of the opportunity to show your staff how to have some fun???