secret seasoning

how can hide the ingredients that go in my seasoninig?
what kind of fillers or ingredients that i can use so people wont know my recipe?
please help thank you

You can hide it by simply not telling anyone.

I personally avoid fillers and meaningless ingredients in my seasoning blends that may mask or dilute the flavorings. Granted, I use some exotic spices that one won’t find at the local grocery stores, but I simply don’t post the recipes for them anywhere and protect them as proprietary to my business.

The FACT is that I can order a pizza and send the sauce off to a lab. The other fact is that it costs money.

It’s not about the sauce, the cheese, or the crust. It’s all three (and the other toppings). I’m sure your sauce is perfect and no one else could ever duplicate it, but even if they could, what good would it do?

You can have your seasonings portioned by a spice company that will be much more consistant than you are at measuring them and no one but you or the spice company will know whats inside the bag.

My thoughts are that, arguably, the secret is is that there are no secrets.

Like locks, it only keeps the honest people out, and what are the thieves going to do with it anyway ?

Remembering a conversation with Chris Bianco, a great pizzaiolo, he said, something to the effect, there are no secrets, it’s simple, put the products together and try not to interfere with the taste they bring and give them to your customer.

Great thing about this business, is that is can be done differently by each one of us.

just an aspect of this topic, my 2 cents worth,


what labs do that? that’s kinda scary anybody could get my recipe

Know how important recipes really are to your business . . . and the ‘secret’ ingredients?

Pizza Sauce Spices

Granulated Garlic
Black Pepper
Piper Malegueta
Piper longum
(used to add Piper cubeba before it got scarce)

My secret is now out. I defy anyone on this list to figure out my recipe and recreate my sauce. Heck, I’d probably pass out from shock if you could land a supply of the last two (three) spices sufficient for your operation and at a reasonable price. I use a spice source and species not often found in the retail or foodservice markets. You will find them at finer spice purveyors, but not at the warehouse clubs or Sysco-type suppliers.

I agree…even if someone COULD duplicate your sauce, I doubt they’d find the service or the pizza comparable to your market.

Putting in useless fillers to “mask” certain tastes…well…then doesn’t that make those special ingredients a moot point?

Just don’t tell anyone is my advice, as well.

I just started adding 10 g fresh onion puree and 5 g chopped garlic per #10 can Escalon 6N1.
The garlic I get from Christopher Ranch in Gilroy, CA is rockin’ strong.

That is added to the recipe that I took from the Escalon page linked below. … auce&id=13

I use only the pepper, salt, basil, lemon juice, and now the above.
in taste test, the fresh packed crushed tomatoes alone have been the favorite on occasion

People ask me, something to the effect, what is the secret ingredient that makes your pizza so good.
I think it is what I do not put in my pizza that makes it likeable.
The other pizza place in town uses canned sauce and add a lot of stuff that fights itself, it seems…lots of flavors, not easy on the platte
the best pizzas I have had have been made with the fewest and simplest ingredients, so i adhere to that concept

…in fact, I was going to do a slogan along the lines of, “you’ll love what’s NOT in our pizza”,


Otis where do you get your suplies of Christopher ranch garlic ?

Smart and Final in Blythe, CA
$4.39 for a 32 ounce jar, last me a couple of weeks,


I use them too - and get it from US Foods. But if that’s not a distributor for you, ask THEM at where to get their stuff.

yes if someone gets some of your sauce they can get a lab to copy it

Otis, I’ve thought about doing something similar to a puree, but my idea is to JUICE onions and peppers to add to sauces. I don’t have a juicer, so I haven’t tried it. The reason is that I absolutely hate chunks of onions and peppers, but eat both in many foods. The puree might be something for me to try.

world spice has the long pepper and grain of paradise :lol:

Actually, I squeeze the liquid out of around 10 grams of raw onions to a #10 can 6N1, then scrap the liquidy pulp off the screen with a knife. Just one of the common hand held lever squeezers.
On the garlic, I add around 5 grams of Christopher Ranch crushed garlic per #10 can of 6N1.

Next step I will squeeze the juice from the garlic.

Still, in taste tests, the straight crushed tomatoes are preferred as much as with the additives.
I have not done enough testing for complete verification.


Yes, they do. I don’t pay their prices, though :slight_smile: I am actually sort of trying to import some spice from India or Indonesia . . . the process is a little awkward for me since it isn something I don’t normally do. Taking me a long time to decide and import 500# of spice. I’ll have to resell at retail to make it worth my trouble.