Security Cameras: Who has them? How do you use them?

We’ve got them in our “new” location (opened there 3 years ago now) and have barely used them. Thinking about it more now that Ive cut my hours down to 40/wk. Mainly staff issues that we’ve looked at previously - we did use them for a dine and dash and we’ve had the police take copies for a local crime. Lower insurance rates and its piece of mind to have them… I just need to utilize them more appropriately

I had to fire a guy first day they were installed, he told someone we were closed 5 minutes before closing. He hung up and said who calls 5 minutes before someone closes. I use dropcam, you can talk through cameras which is cool

First day after installation: Clicked the icon on my phone to have a look and what do I see? An employee with an infant in a chest pack in the kitchen. Really? Yes. Called the store and asked what was up. Was told spouse could not watch the baby so…

Amazing. Sent employee home. Chastised the managers on duty. WTF!

Employee quit, but then changed mind after a conversation where I told the employee that they were a valued member of the team that I hoped would stay but there was no way we can have an infant in the kitchen! Not safe, not clean…

Wow. Cameras already paid for in my mind.

I just caught an employee stealing $80+ over 3 different transactions the other night.

How did they do it?

She was ringing up the food then she pocketed the money after the customer had left. On one she tried to reverse it but only added it in again. She thought she could hide it from the cameras but I have one directly over the till and another one showing the front counter/till area. She was a good employee too. Been giving her tons of praise for her hard work.

Wow you would think this would be some kind of common sense! They don’t think that maybe the kid could get hurt and then what whose supposed to pay. But yeah stuff like this is why cameras are needed.

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Hi guys. I currently have a DVR style 8 camera system. But my DVR stopped recording. And my guy that installed it fell off the face of the earth. Would any of you recommend a certain brand of DVRs to replace the one I have myself? My only recommendation would be that it is user friendly. The one I am currently using makes it very difficult to review previously recorded video. I love the functionality of the Dropcam/Nest cameras that I use at home and how easy they make it to review videos. I just want my DVR camera system to be that easy. Thanks a lot!

Mine did the same thing couple of months ago. I tested it w/o having the hard drive connected to make sure it was not it, which it was not it was the board which went bad. I went with ZOSI, reinstalled the hard drive formatted it and back in business. One thing I like about the ZOSI it has a little fan inside to keep it cool. The other one when I touched it, it was HOT! Very easy to setup.

I picked up a 16 cam(two actually) DVR system from sams. Samsung branded for like 399. Comes with 10 cams, all HD. You can easily buy the other 6 if you need them. Great quality and it’s been working great for me. 299 during Black Friday and I couldn’t beat the price. Even at 399 really. The app works well too for remote monitoring. I think they’ve gone down in price since I bought them, but like I said even for 399 it’s a great deal. I switched over from an analogue system that costed me over 1500 and that’s with me installing it and buying it myself

Love mine, 5 years later… lost remote access when I went to static IP for the POS system I got a couple of years ago… pretty savvy but for some reason could not set the dvr settings back up with static so I could view the cameras remotely. 1 robbery in that time which captured from all sorts of different angles… didn’t help in catching the guy but did know it was a previous employee or friend of previous employee as they knew were stuff was (actually, he knew were stuff USED to be, I had since moved things around so that’s how I knew it was an older employee and not current). Also helped in letting us know we needed more alarm sensors as there were too many dead zones that the robber stayed in. Have more money than time so I might upgrade to a nicer system and not a DIY soon so I can reap the benefits of the higher quality cams and better installation. Lots of wire to run and I’d rather not have to go through that again + the mounting PITA.

I second the Samsung brand. We’ve had them for at least two years now at both locations. Remote access is a breeze, just don’t connect it to a switch. Call the 1-800 number and they’ll have you up in 5-10 minutes. It’s very user friendly and I think the app (Samsung iPOLiS) is pretty good as well

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What kind of monthly fee do you all pay to be able to view when not at the shop?

There’s no fee for Samsung

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No fee at all. This is just an equipment purchase and set up. As long as your system has internet access you do not need any outside vendor to jump in to the system. If you want cloud based storage of the history you would need to pay for that. We use an in house storage that I can also log into remotely. It stores about a month of history and auto re-writes over the older files.

I use Swann, picked it up at Sams Club. $400.00 for 8 cameras with 2 terabytes of memory which last about 2 weeks and can watch it on my phone. Worked in Loss Prevention for about 10 years before this job. You couldn’t imagine all the reasons why you need cameras in till you need them. Video doesn’t lie

You can’t write this crap! :eek:


Lately I have been tuning in at 8:00 - 8:15 to check staff levels. That is when we slow down and the manager on duty should be getting cooks off the clock. Very effective. After a couple of days they knew I was going to be calling if I saw more than 2-3 people, depending on the day of the week, in the kitchen at 8:15.