I’m looking to have cameras installed in my store and i have a few questions.

1)I’m looking for a six camera system that i will be able to view from a remote location, any idea on a price range?

2)How do those of you with cameras feel about having audio?

3)Since installing cameras have you felt a little more relaxed when you are not at the store?

Thanks for your help in advance

I think only you will be able to tell if 6 cameras are enough to adequately keep track of your store. We currently use a 4 camera system and when able I’ll probably add in another 4 just to have all my “hot spots” covered.

As far as considering audio…don’t. It’s highly illegal to record, or even use audio in security taping. You may find someone with more knowledge in the law than I, but I know in Illinois at least it’s a huge no-no.

Price is all over the board as you’ve no doubt found out. My system came from SAMS and we have a nice one, I think I have around a grand in it total, but you can purchase for WAY below that also if you don’t need the ability to access your system “online” while away from the store.

I don’t know that I’d say I’m more “relaxed” when I’m away, I suppose since we’re very rarely away yet. The advantage for me is to be able to document ANYthing that happens on site, and keep a record of the cash drawer, the doors, who was in and out of the walk-in etc. It also gives me the ability to be in the office and still keep an eye on the kitchen and the dining rooms as needed. I know when a salesperson enters early in the morning before someone else is up front to greet them etc. Relaxed? Someday hopefully I’ll access it on my Blackberry while laying on the beach. Today is not that day.

I use a four camera system that I bought from a friend who is a locksmith. I can access it remotely from anywhere I have internet access. As far as feeling relaxed-honestly I don’t access the cameras as much as I remote access the pos. For me the cameras are more there as a theft and burglary deterrent. I do no some owners/managers that have become obsessed with watching video live when they are offsight. To me that would just add to an even longer work day. If I am going to be at home staring at the store I might as well be at the store helping out. I do not have audio, however make sure there is a sign somewhere pointing out that you do have video cameras.

We bought an 8 camera Lorex system. It has done everything I wanted. Remote access, Day & Night vision, & was relatively affordable. The entire system ran about $1,000. We installed it ourselves and it was pretty much plug & play. It helps out greatly when I am not in the store. I can not imagine having a store without it.