Seeking a Stanislaus product

Hello to all,
I am an individual who is having a problem locating a few cans of Stanislaus Full Red pizza sauce (UPC 01251). This is also known as Concentrated Crushed in some parts of the country. This pizza sauce is not the Full Red Fully Prepared sauce or the Full Red pizza sauce with basil. It has tomatoes, salt, and citric acid, That’s all.
I have tried extensively online and on the phone (hours) and have had absolutely no luck. An order placed to Pennsylvania Macaroni company, who assured me that they carried it, resulted in a completely differenty sauce being sent to me (and they didn’t carrt the sauce I needed after all.) I called Stanislaus and they tried to help (barely) by giving me the names of two distributors who carried the sauce I needed, except the distributors didn’t carry the sauce I needed at all. I called Stanislaus back and they said they couldn’t help, but offered to send me a nice poster instead. Whee.
I am looking for somewhere to order this or go buy it in person in the Indiana area. Asking on this forum was recommend by a moderator of the website forums. If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would appreciate to to no end. Thank you for your consideration.


I use Full Red Pizza Sauce w/o basil. The ingredients listed are “Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, salt, and naturally derived citric acid.”, and the upc is 01201 instead of 01251. However, I think it is what you are looking for.

I am in Seattle, therefore I can’t help you out purchasing it; but, I have purchased this same product at Restaurant Depot many times. If you have a RD in your area that would be a good place to look.

Good Luck!

restaurant depot has a lot of Stanislaus products, I am going tomorrow i will look. also Delco is a big Stanislaus here in indiana, 317 876-1951

i find it hard to believe that Stanislaus can not help you…I have always found them to be the very BEST as far as customer service. I would try the 1-800- number on the cans

Thank you for all the replies so far.
I did call the Stanislaus number and spoke directly to them, at least 3 times. I can’t believe they are not helpful either, and it is a bummer because I love their sauce!

I too find it very unusual that Stanislaus didn’t provide you with more assistance. They’re a great service company. If you haven’t already found what you are looking for, try talking to Steve Rouse, Vice President Marketing for Stanislaus. You can reach him at 800-328-8667.
Keep us posted.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Dan Capobianco is the rep for your area, he is a VAST knowledge of everything Stanislaus does,
He is on vacation until the 27th his number is 937 313 0627, also restaurant depot had about 15 different full reds off of keystone and interstate 70

Thanks to Rockstar, Famouspizza, Pizzasource, and Tom Lehmann for your confidence!
Just to let you all (and Jim) know, I PM’d Jim this morning to let him know that I am hooking him up with some cans. BTW, it really is not easy for knowledgeable consumers like Jim to source the same top ingredients you all rely on!

Steve Rouse
VP Marketing

You might also consider “Tomato Magic” by Stanislaus…we absolutely love it!!! …same ingredients as you are searching for…I get mine @ RD as well…

How far are you from Chiucago? Greco Distributing is a Stanislaus carrier for Northern IL/Southern WI

Hello everyone,
I just wanted you all to know that Steve Rouse sent me a case of the Full Red sauce I had been seeking. I had a personal tragedy (wife committed suicide) so things have been all messed around lately, thus the delay. I do have my sauce now, and Full Red and Steve came through with flying colors. I see why everyone thinks so highly of their customer service. Thank you all again for all of your guidance.
Jim Sheetz