seeking advice from those with experience

Do most pizza shops mix their own dough on site, or have their own recipe custom made or buy dough balls/sheets? Which is best and makes the most $en$e. It seems that dough balls / sheets would be the most expensive. Any suggestions for dough suppliers in the Midwest? Thanks

Don’t waste your money buying premade dough balls. It’s far cheaper to make your own dough. Just incorporate it into your daily prep, only takes me about 45 minutes to make a batch of pizza dough. Your customers will appreciate it as well.


Any real pizzeria makes their own dough…tastes better, less $$…unless you have major space restraints there is really no reason not to in my opinion

Make your own dough, the taste is far better and your customers will love it. Research some recipies and play with them till you find what you like.

Make it yourself. Better yet have your drivers make it before your lunch rush, that’s what I do.

Thanks to all that posted on the dough questions that I have. Any input is appreciated. I’m interested in a thin crust recipe that has a crackery outer crust, but the crumb is tender and chewy with lots flavor. What kind of flour must be used for this crust, 00 ? Yeast, ETC; Any recipe advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Send me you email address to and I will forward a great sourdough recipe that should fit the bill you are looking for.


Take a few minutes to brouse through the RECIPE BANK (pick it up on the home page). Then play with the formula and/or dough management procedure (modify it) to give you the crust that you are looking for. Take a look at the Chicago style crust formula that I have poosted. This sounds like it might be close to what you are looking for.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I just want to publicy commend you for your goodwill!!!

Your willingness to give out your own dough recipe, is admirable!

I don’t know if I could do the same.

I should like too meet you some day!


Thanks for that.

I have no problem giving it to you over there as there is little chance you will be in competition to me.

I doubt if I would be so forthcoming if this forum was as widespread in Australia.

Unfortunately here in Australia too many operators are too full of their own importance to share any info with their “competitors”.

I have got so many ideas and assistance from you guys I see no reason why I can’t reciprocate in my own way.

Plus if we can all work together to take the chew and spew chains on in our own way by sharing ideas all the better for us all.

We have some nice speciality pizzas that I think will go well for us in the cook off for the “Best of the Best” competition for Aussie representation in the world cook off next year so maybe I may get the chance to meet up with you guys.

Australia operators have won the title for the past two years and Peter from MELT Pizza in Sydney should also give it a good shot this year. If any of you guys are going to the cook off titles have a chat with Peter as he is a realy nice young guy and one who is also willing to share his ideas.
He has some really great pizzas.