self pourers for vinegar and oil

I put pre mixed vinegar and oil on my hoagies. Does any one know a way that I can pour the exact amount on? currently we shake the squeeze bottle and squeeze it on the hoagie. I want to take out the subjectivity of too little or too much. I tried a self pourer used for liquor and it seems to let the vinegar come out more so than the oil because it takes too long to measure out the exact amount and starts to separate as well as the vinegars thinner consistancy doesnt help. Maybe they make one that pours faster that can work better with a thicker liquid like oil.

Right off the bat, it sounds like a challenge. You could use a scale to build your sandwiches like we do witrh pizzas. Hit the zero/tare button before the vinagar/oil, and you might make it work.

you could try imulsifying the vin. and oil in a food processor / blender and then put in your speed pourer. The mix will not stay blended indef. but may be an improvement on your current set up?

maybe one of those jiggers that bartenders use to dispense 1 oz of booze directly out of the bottle.???

you are just going to have to use sqeeze bottles there is no easier way.just be sure the ingredients are always consistent.and always SHAKE WELL. Nick

you’re dealing with a basic vinagrette, and it won’t stay emulsified very long. You could try one of those containers they use in bars, works real well for salad dressings. Just shake up the container real good before pouring, because agan the basic vinagrettes don’t stay emulsified very long. Check out this website, they have what you’re looking for … plies.html