Anyone use one of these?

I was in a shop today and I had no idea what this thing was, but I noticed the dresser didnt sauce the pie, so they put the pan under this saucer and it rotates and the arm moves towards the inside like a record player and sauces the pie.

I had never seen one before but I have to say it was quite impressive.

PizzainAZ Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:50 pm Post subject: Self-saucer

I had never seen one before but I have to say it was quite impressive.

I would imagine they are quite expensive as well as impressive.


Not as complicated as those listed.

This was the width and height of the dress table and round like a barrel of oil…it had a slim nozzle that distributed the sauce and it moved slightly to the inside and the unit spun the sauce around.

It SORT OF looked like this-

I worked at a Donatos more than 15 years ago that had something like that. Don’t really remember much of how well it worked. I do remember that the sauce was very watered down.

Wow. My slowest part timer can sauce a pizza faster than that. Surely not as pretty though. I’d hate to see what that thing would do to my out-the-door times.

can you image what a swine that would be to clean and how do you cope with multiple sauces - a different machine for a different sauce, and what about xtra or lite sauce?

I can see these working in a production facility but not in a shop - obviously this store owner has too much money to play with!

my repair guy is busy enough, just dont ever see how that would help, honestly its not hard to spread sauce and the laddels we use are premeasured. I would rather save the money for the HOT NEW INVENTION COMING OUT THIS YEAR…Tom did a demo on it and was GREAT!!!
what was it called again Tom? vacation? or something like that…I am going to do a little more research, keep you informed

A friend of mine had one of those vacations. It caused him to miss two weeks of work!!

I could see that at a gas station or somewhere else that wanted a lot of sauce (the demo video looked like way more than we ever put on a pie) and wanted the line perfect, but I agree…I could have at least 5 large pies sauced according to PJ standards in the time it takes that machine to do one…and though mine wouldn’t be perfect, they would still be pretty. :wink:

I tried to google that word “vacation”, and my computer crashed. Please explain what that is. I’m also confused by a few other phrases I’ve seen on this message board:

day off
family time