Selling Advertisng Space on Box Toppers?

Just wondering if anyone out there has tried selling advertising space on their pizza boxes or box toppers. I was thinking about selling business card size ads on my boxtoppers. I figure there are plenty of real estate agents, contractors, hair dressers, gardeners, contractors, etc… that would be interested in some affordable advertising… If anyone out there has tried this or has an opinion on it, please let me know…Seems like it could be a good way to make a little extra income, but I could be mistaken. Thanks.

Yeah it is great affordable advertising FOR MY BUSINESS why on earth would I sell it to someone else? Would you rent out a marque in front of your shop to someone else? What about the front cover of your menu?

We do on occassion box top (FOR FREE) school, church fundraisers.

But other than that it is better used to build my sales.


In my mind, a better idea would be to do up a co-op piece with a handful of local (non competing) businesses…Then you all distribute the same flyer to all your clients…6 panels on an 11 x 17 works well…

PS…I did some co-op magnetic memo boards this way a while back…

You can find additional info about this in the pizza box article in our April issue at

Good luck!

I have done it a few times. We have four “coupons” on our box topper. At times I have sold one of them to another business. It has always been a local activity like miniture golf, tubing, baloon ride etc that visitors might be interested in. All in all the feedback is so-so on the return rate.

We print about 20,000 box toppers at a time. The amount we charge for the coupon space covers about 1/3 my printing cost…

The best deal was a few years ago when the same guy that owned the baloon flight company also owned the brochure rack business in town and I was able to trade him half a year of brochure rack service for a baloon coupon on my box topper.

I’m a believer that consumers are pretty much fed-up w/ yet another advertising especially if it’s about a product that’s completely unrelated to what they just paid for. I agree with co-ops and special community events. But outright just selling another product …not too sure.

I agree. Imo it does not come across too well when you are selling something totally unrelated.

On the other hand, I think the Cheesecake Factory does a nice job with their menus with all the inserted ads. Although the items and services advertised are not related, it is very professionally done and they appeal to the same demographics so it works.