selling beer

ok heres the challenge, we have room for 3 beer kegs
I am leaning twards BUD-BUD LIGHT-and BUD SELECT.
but I hear that coors light is popular as well.
I am not a drinker so I am 100 percent in the dark

Coors Light, Miller Lite are the top domestic selling beers. Check with the wholesalers (not just any beer distributor) and they can give you actual stats on what sells. Bud products may be big in your area as well. I would avoid putting 3 beers from the same brewery on tap. Have something for everyone…a regular beer like Bud…then a coors light or miller light and then something a bit different like Yuengling Lager…

It depends on your region… We are fairly close to you (about 3 hours to indy)… But our best sellers are Bud Light, Miller Light, Sam Adams…

The 3rd beer really varies tho…

When we sold tap we sold bud light and and I think busch our third was a more unique beer (Sam Adams always has them, Boulevard wheat stuff like that…of course with wheat prices high stay away from anything wheat :lol: ) It gave our servers an opportunity to suggestive sell.

In Az the top three are Bud light, Bud, and Miller lite in that order. I agree that you should for sure not go with all three from the same brewery, but if they sell another beer like a craft/micro it would be a good idea to go with them. It is hard for a distributor to give you very good pricing if they are only bringing you a keg or two a week. You might even want to split up the space for your third keg and put in two pony kegs (1/4 barrel), or a couple of torpedos (5 gallon) just so you can offer more variety. Good luck!

We are going to be really low volume to start with, so we are considering a wider selection of torpedoes when we go to taps (after we get a license even). I will probably go 1/4 barrel for the Bud/Bud Light and then a couple or three torpedoes so we can feature some Georgia and other SE region brewed beers.

I have 6 on tap, and the top 3 movers in order are Miller Lite then Bud Lite then MGD.
And if your in Ind. I’m about 4 hours west of you… and our market should probebly be about the same.

We have Bud, Miller Lite, Coors Light, & Fat Tire (from a popular regional brewery). The Fat Tire comes close to outselling the other 3 combined, and at a premium price!

Do a little research to find if there is a very popular regional brewery in your area - my experience is that you’ll be very glad you did. Also, if your license is a “Beer & wine” permit, look into offering a few of those, as well.