selling biz questions

I have two rest. about 45 min apart. 1st. rest is 18 mos old and second is 9 months. Sales for first rest. is 780,000 first year and second is on target to do the same. These are gross sales number. Any idea what you would sell for?

Quite a bit more info is needed to answer that question:

Is the property for sale as well, or is it leased?

If the property’s included what’s the location?

The sales #s look really good - what % net are you realizing?

Without at least those 3 bits of info, the value could be anywhere from $0 to $2 million.

Properties are not for sale, One location is on a intersection with a light(Major highway) second location is a free standing. rent for both properties is 11k. Total fixed expenses are roughly 31k including rent and my note per month.
Expected net sales for both stores by November (Full year both running) are 1,464,000.
Both stores are running a 30% food cost and payroll. Those %'s are off of net sales.