Selling by the slice

I have a start-up question. I recently moved to DC from NY. DC simply has substandard pizza and everyone here knows it. I wanted to ask you pros a few questions.

I think I could raise about $100K start up. Is that sufficient enough to do it right? I already have a place in mind that used to be an organic sandwich shop that was in business about 6 months. Wouldnt really need to change the layout since everything appears to be new and modern in there (from peeping through the window). Rents here are expensive so I am assuming it could be upwards of 8k a month.

I have a 9-6 office/sales career that I would like to keep as well. It pays well and I like it. Is it possible to be successful running a shop absentee? The location is in my building so I would never be far away.

I believe I could deliever a solid product. I know a master pizza maker from Napoli back in New York who would help him get it off the ground for a couple of months (on a consultants fee). He has already helped launch a successful pizzaria in the West Village. Makes a wonderful pie.

There are literally thousands of office workers (and some military) in my area that walk to lunch. The area is new urban made up mostly of office towers and condos. Very pedestrian friendly during the day. Most them recycle through about the 8 restaurants (most sandwich/ salad shops, Chipotle) in our area. There arent any other pizza shops. Would it be possible to make a killing off selling slices and pies soley to the work-a-day traffic? Possibly delievering to the office towers within a walk (or possibly Segway). Essentially, I would just want to cater to the office folks. 10:30 until 7 or 8. M-F. Take out.

Long story, short. There is definitly the foot traffic here. The location would be one of two eating establishments in an office tower. The other, a Baja Fresh, has lines out the door during the lunch hour. It attacts lunch goers from all around the neighborhood. My location wouldnt have direct access to the outside and is sorta tucked in a corner but next to the baja fresh. Its a nice place though but I have seen two sandwich type shops fail there. However, I have never seen a new york style pizza place that serves fresh slices (on display) since I have been in DC. Think Ray’s Orginal type place.

If I can deliever a delicious pie the customers will be there. Just wonder if it possible to make enough real money serving just the lunch crowd essentially by the slice.

Shouldn’t have any problems based on your post. We are starting our slice operation September 1st with NY Style. If you have traffic, you should make money.

Good Luck

I recently wrote an article “Fresh Approach to Pizza by the Slice” that you might be interested in. It is in the Archived PMQ In Lehmann’s Terms. When was the last time you saw any number of toppings offered on a pizza slice? When was the last time you had a slice that wasn’t soft and soggy? Sure, you can drop it back onto a hot deck to recon the slice, but with 7 toppings, and still get a fresh, hot, and crispy slice? Take a look at the article. If yo ucan’t locate it ask to help you find it. It was published about a year ago. If it’s something that you think you might be interested in, let me know and I can provide you with more of the intricate details.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I forgot to tell you about that article. It is a great read. (Thanks Tom) I’m going to read it again as a refresher :smiley: )

it sounds like a cool idea. people are often too busy to leave the premises and will pay a premium to stay close by.

For future reference, a search on will usually find you what you’re searching for, but in the meantime, here’s a direct link to the Pizza by the Slice article by Tom Lehmann: