selling equipment?

Hi guys

I’m after a bit of help…

Has anyone been able to sell pizza equipment before?

I need to offload a complete package in LA urgently, can anyone suggest different avenues?

I’m not from America, so I’m not familiar with the best approach.


. w w w. craigslist .org

. w w w. craigslist .org FREEEEE

remember, selling used equipment may only return you $.10/$.25 on the dollar…CraigsList is a good, free method to sell, but more limited than ebay…there is a spot on this site 2 post your equipment for sale, and its free as well

what are you selling?

and where are you

yes, if LA means Los Angeles, I may be interested in what you have . . .

You may get lucky with craig’s list, but you will reach a far greater audience with Ebay.