selling everything

closing the doors. i’m in Muncie, Indiana. no shipping. come and get it.

lincoln double stack/w/stand on rollers
3-door beverage-air freezer
focus IV pizza warmer
true 2-door prep table

much more…email me @
( put “pizza buy” on “subject” - so i know what you want & your not spam junk…lol)

thanks & good luck to everyone…eat a pizza & smile!

what went wrong…
please tell us your experience so we can learn from your advise…
good luck in future.

jayp------ first, i’m just a old retired truck driver that loves pizza!
opened in april of this year & started making a $1000.00 a day avg… then. lower every day after.
ok, i’ll skip to the short version, which is simple !!!

  1. follow all the advice you get from this forum.
  2. must have enough cash to do all advertising.
  3. dont relax & think your in the groove…
  4. you cant make it on just your loyal customers/ need those “once in awhile” types also.
  5. dont have alot of extra’s (if your small or you want to push pizza’s only)
    on & on & on…lol…learn/educate yourself/have a game plan & cash & go for it.
    learn about all taxes & how to handle them
    repeat the taxes line…lol

ok, sense i’m out of here you can check out my web site. was a little shy to put it on here at first. i did delete a few pages but the most of it is still there. i’m still open, but its just a matter of time till i get my stuff sold. i have booths/ice machine/tea maker & a ton of stuff for sale…

go to

good luck to everyone!!!

So, did you get tired? Did the gubbermint come get you? Finding labor kill you? What’s the story?

Muncie is a reasonably sized town (for those who don’t know). They have Best Buy and such, not a tiny town.

Got a mixer for cheap? :slight_smile:

And to answer the obivous question, I have family in Marion, thus have been to Muncie.

Holy c**** I thought I was the only one with a “Hillbilly deluxe”

Mine is different, but same name.

can i buy your customer list?