Selling Frozen Pizza

Hey guys,
I had someone from Chile email today with some questions and I thought maybe you guys could help out. Any suggestions?

Dear PMQ:
The objective is to sell frozen pizza ( the best )
The questions are:
1- Best way to do dough.
a- Should we use any chemicals if any?
b- Should we put a layer of oil before the souce ?
c- Any ideas how to obtain a crispy dough?

2- Sauce
a- What kind of preservative we should use in order to avoid acidity and mold
b- What should we do if we want it to have a frozen life shelf of at least 2 weeks???

3- Cheese
a- any especific kind???
b- how does it behave if we frezze it at -32°celcius???

4- Wrapping
a- How should we wrapp it?

5- Are we misssing any trivial questions???

Thank you sooooo much!!!.. you are crusial to my busssinnes!!!

There are frozen pizzas and there are forzen pizzas. It all depends upon the business concept and how those frozen pizzas will be marketed. Frozen pizzas sold from a store or kiosk will be different from those destined to be produced for the masses and sold through some type of retail outlet (think supermarket). Before getting into all of the gory details of making frozen pizzas we really need to have a lot more information.
How will these pizzas be marketed?
How many do you want to make each day?
What kind of equipment do you intend to use?
What kind of shelf life do you expect from these frozen pizzas?
Do you presently have any freezing equipment? If so please describe.
What kind of investment are you willing to make?
With answers to these questions I can certainly help you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor