Selling pizzas on the corner of a busy intersection?

I used to work in a very busy area of Dallas where traffic was crazy, especially near quitting time during the work week. Papa Johns would sell $5 large cheese and 1 topping pizzas on the corners of those busy intersections for $5 (tax included). Just watching them and waiting for the light to turn green, I found they would sell quite a bit of these pizzas. It was something they were usually pretty consistent on - doing it a few times a month, mostly on Friday’s before the time everyone got home and the rush crowd started ordering. They would be selling on the corner of intersections where an apartment complex was, so I presume they had to get permission from the landlord in order to do this (and a possible kickback of percentage of sales maybe)?

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this and has anyone tried this with any success?

Interesting idea. We are also on a very high traffic intersection. Will give this one some thought

Our city is tight on code enforcement. They would probably put a stop to that. We are still looking at ways of selling in such a way. For instance, we have thought on weekends when the parks are full to give the driver a couple of pepperoni pizzas with their regular delivery. Then have them go by park afterwards and sell the them. Perhaps announcing it over a PA system on the vehicle would be a bit overboard. :smiley: