Selling the Pizzeria/Deli

Hello everyone,
I have not been active in here for quite some time because of a new daughter. For those of you who have children, you know how time consuming it can be.

My wife and I have decided to sell our business. We opened in 2004 with 43 cents to our name. Since then we have won business of the year from the local chamber, purchased and renovated a building that houses the business, and increased sales nearly three fold.

We are more than willing to stay on an assist in the transfer. This is in no way a sale of desperation. It is currently a thriving an profitable business. We need to have more family time and explore other business ventures to support that.

The business is located in coastal Maine.

The sale includes:
-The business itself
-All fixtures. Ovens, chairs, coolers etc
-Existing contracts if desired
-Real estate. The building is 1100 sq ft retail space with a newly remodeled 800 sq ft two bedroom apt on the second level. The building overlooks the ocean. Retail space houses the Pizzeria and seats 30.

If anyone is interested please do not hesitate to contact me personally at

We are listing the building + business for 299k

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good business broker?

Check out his profile. He should be able to refer you to someone local. … ile&u=1624

How do you pronounce his handle though?! :smiley:

Maybe it’s bodega + hwy, as in Ventura Hwy.

You can look up bodega in Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

From Wikipedia:

"Bodega may refer to:

Bodega, California, a town in California, the United States
Convenience store, as known in some American cities such as Boston and New York "

Oh, interesting. His name is Steve though for those that want to call him. He reviewed our lease. VERY smart and very nice. He impressed our attorney. So much that the attorney had little to add. The attorney was good for telling us the things that Steve said to try for that would not fly in our area due to market forces.

Thanks Charles.

I am a business broker in Colorado. I also own two pizza restaurants (and have for over 9 years). I would be happy to work with anyone to assist finding a good professional broker to work with.

Regarding my handle “bodega highway” is the right answer. Somewhere around 1990 or 1991 I joined AOL. Back then I lived on Bodega Hwy between Sebastopol and the town of Bodega in CA. AOL only allowed a certain number of characters in a name and every variation on “Steve” that I could live with was taken. After trying a bunch of things I plugged in “Bodegahwy”. Even though I have not been with AOL since the 90s, I have used the handle ever since for on-line forums.