selling the shops!

Anyone interested in relocating to beautiful Asheville, NC? We are selling our 2 shops - with a third location 90% set up. Great buy and great income for someone who wants to be more hands on than we have been. It is listed on Bizbuysell. Message me for info.

Can I ask why you are selling and I know its probably not an easy answer. Maybe we could all learn something from your experience. Thanks and good luck

Not an easy answer but I will try. We have found that in this line of work, in order to get it right most of the time, you really need to be there working along side of your staff every day - seeing your food, hearing how they treat your customers, etc. Food is not our forte…business is and that is really what our background/education is - not culinary. We envy those out there who are passionate about their product. Hiring and retaining good help is always a hassle. But in looking at our longer term employees, we treat them like family and they stick around. This is an awesome opportunity for the right person with a passion for food, we just need to move on.

You are absolutely right! You can do this business without those qualities if you have the right people in place. The right people usually already own there own business though.