Selling to a party place

In a vien similar to the “Selling to local bars” thread, we are looking at a deal to sell to an indoor party place that a local amusement company is setting up in an old car dealership building so parents can reserve the place and have their parties and rides and stuff. The owner has been in this business for 30 years setting up at fairs and festivals and parties at houses. He has no interest in leaning to make food. He wants to set up a deal where he takes orders for my pizza as part of the party package and then places the order with me. Obviously he would want to make a little off the pizza in the process. He is in our delivery area and orders would be booked in advance so we can schedule them.

Does anybody here have such a deal? How did you set it up?


We did something like this for several years until the place went out of business. If he is paying $$ and ordering in advance this can be a great deal. Most of these events are in the afternoon in my experience.

We did $1.00 per slice rounded up to the next pie for cheese or single topping 16" cut in 12 slices. That made it easy for the business to figure out what to order. They asked the customer how many slices they wanted to have available and explained the number had to be in multiples of 12. I think they marked it up… but honestly who knows and who cares.

Be sure to get and record thier resale license number so you do not have to collect and remit sales taxes if they are reselling it.

Hi Rick:

I would check with a lawyer.

You are in a different situation when you sell your product for resale. The rules are not the same.

You should also check with your Health department.

Your liability is different. You should also check with your insurance company.

You cannot be to cautious.

George Mills

like has been said ask him to deal in cash. we got burned for over 3 grand by a ymca, but other places have paid right on time.