Send me your ads -- I'll send you my Pumpkin Carving Contest

I just spent about 2 1/2 weeks putting togther this Pumpkin Carving Contest info. I’ve wrote a press release, which is in Word format. A rules and entry sheet which is in Word format – and a Flyer which is in Adobe Photoshop format. I’ll trade my hard work for some of yours! Send me an email with an ad you have created in an open, customizable format, such as Word, or Photoshop – or even a press release. I’ll shoot you back the three files so you can get your own contest up and running this year.

For those of you without Photoshop access, I don’t mind inserting your logo for you, but don’t wait until a week before and then expect it to be done overnight.


Re: Send me your ads – I’ll send you my Pumpkin Carving Con