September Sales

With 5 Fridays in it I was expecting to do well. As of last night 1 of my shops has already beaten last year. I expect to be up 10%, 8% and 3% up in my 3 shops vs last year.

How is everyone else doing?

Started with a bang and is ending with a fizzle :frowning:

We were up 10% until last week. It took a nose dive and I don’t know why. We’ll probably end up about 3-4% over last year. Fortunately, we’re going into our biggest weekend of the year - An Art Festival in front of our shop. We did more than double our normal weekend last year, including a huge cash rake from our concession out front!


Ditto with pcuezze, we had a fantastic start, looked to be the best month ever but some how nosed dived into just another month. You gotta love the pizza eating public, playing with my sanity like this.

Sounds like a trend. We had a very nice August, up 24.6%! Then our September started off like we were heading to best even that growth, but this last week has killed us. Today was good for lunch, but the rest of the week has been like a ghost town. We get a “one and done” dinner hour…one rush to nearly fill the place…then, {insert desert wind sound effect}. We should still see a 11% increase over 2010, but we’re new enough yet that I’d be very nervous if we weren’t seeing a small yet steady increase still.

We were up 50% from last year at one store and 30% up at my second store. Hope to get a 3rd store in the spring

I had my second best September ever less than 1% lower than 2008 which was my best. I didn’t seem busy and no single week was really big so I am surprised to see the final sales. The way the Gator football schedule lays out, October is not likely to be close to the busiest we have had while November is likely to be great for us. All in all, seeing a whole lot of second bests this year, all just short of the records set in 2008.

I am right there with Paul7979. 2008 was our best September ever and we missed those numbers by about $200 for the month. We were up almost 40% over last year.

North had its best September since 2007 and with the school contract added in an all-time record September. South location had its best September ever even without the school sales added in.

This despite our “deal” sales being down 20-25% after tacking on a $1 increase to the price.