Serious discussin about garlic white sauce

I have been experimenting with different garlic white sauces for the last 8 months or so and still can’t seem to find one I like. When I do a search on PMQ and I don’t find a whole lot of discussions on it compared to red sauce. I am hoping I could get some advice from some folks here.

Here is my problem. I am trying to perfect my commercial garlic white sauce recipe.

I have had success with some recipes on but they use very expensive ingrediants. (lots of cream cheese, butter, etc.)

I have tried Tom Lehmans basic white sauce recipe which is more or less garlic infused olive oil with some garlic added but it didn’t have enough taste for me.

I have purchased Alfredo sauce from the store and added some extra spices but it just isn’t hitting the mark. I’m also wondering if anybody here purchases Alfredo sauce for their white sauce?

Could somebody give me or point me in the direction of a great “commercial” garlic white sauce? I understand white sauce is a little more expensive to produce then red but I keep thinking i’m missing something.

We simply use a high quality buttermilk ranch mixed with garlic…veyr popular.

Have you Googled “garlic sauce pasta” yet? There seems to be quite a few listed, and just looking at the headings, I can see a variety of ingredients being used. One of them just might “float your boat”.
Just a thought.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Melted butter w Parmesan, garlic, pepper, oregano, and garlic powder. It’s delicious. Not enough flavor? Addnmire parmesan or use Romano.

I use quality olive oil and garlic for my white sauce. What pizzas are you going to use this white sauce for? I use my white sauce for a Greek,White and Mediterranean.


Thanks for the great suggestions so far. I would be using the white sauce for chicken, veggie, and greek style pizza.

I sell a chicken ranchero with roma tomatoes, bacon, chicken and load a nice portion of ranch dressing on top of these toppings then cheese it—awesome pizza!

Greek - use olive oil and garlic

I make my own alfredo sauce for dinners. I use it on 1 pizza - I should use it on more - thanks for the idea.


For my chicken pizza I like to use Alfredo sauce with extra garlic and chopped artichoke heart, then I add just a hint of lemon zest.
It gets lots of compliments.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You didn’t mention the base of this pizza. Do you use the ranch as a base as well or something else?

This recipe looks like it would double as a breadstick flavoring as well.

I’ll try to keep this “serious” . . .

Grande Cheese has a great “alfredo” recipe on their site. The problem with the resulting product is reheating it to order. If you don’t have a sauce pan to work it up it does not reheat well as the ingredients become separated. I did not put a lot of time into it, but maybe the recipe could be tweaked a bit to your liking.

I put all toppings in a pan and mix with ranch then pop it in the oven for a few minutes. Bring it out and place on your stretched pizza, add more ranch then cheese…I’m hungry :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep my Alfredo sauce warm in a Walmart crock pot. Holds plenty, and it works great.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use chopped garlic and pomace Olive oil. On all but two of our combos that use this “sauce” we also add ricotta cheese to the mozz. On the other two, we use feta.

we use a premade alfredo sauce, keep it cold and it works really well…our customers love it…I experimented with homemade sauce’s before and I had the same problems with it, when it got cold it would seperate and be impossible to spread and we just do not have time to heat up a sauce…so this seems to fit the bill perfectly…maybe its not as high end as your looking for but for us it works great…we have 3 different pizza’s we use it for…but some customers order it custom also.

Freddy. For bread sticks or garlic knots as we call em, take the butter un melted. Mix in all the ingredients. Now you have a compound butter. Spread this compound on your bread sticks and toss in an oven for a coulple of minutes. When your Butter is melted the bread should be hot.