I hope you are talking about PMQ mags…

Please e-mail Liz Barrett at She will be able to look into it to find out why you’re not receiving you issues.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am not the kind of guy to just toss it out there in open forum first,
I have emailed pmq, I have pm liz,
I have went to their facebook and asked
I also have called them
and 3 months ago i drove to another pizza place just to get a subscription form from a magazine and mailed it in.
am I missing something?

I’m surprised by this… It seems like they’re very interested in getting that magazine into peoples hands. I just got my subscription renewal in my email today in fact.

Did you try emailing Steve Green? His email said

"It’s that easy! Thank you for your continued interest in PMQ Pizza magazine.

Contact me if you have any questions. Remember your subscription is sent to you at no cost as long as you continue to request it through these alerts.

Steve Green
PMQ Pizza Magazine"

I requested some copies of the April issue that my shop was in and I have not had any luck with that either. Liz has never replied to me and anyone else just passes the buck on to someone else who does not respond. Seriously annoying. I took the time to give a good article and now I get ignored.

I received my e-mail today regarding renewing my subscription. Funny thing is when you get to the last page, it asks for credit card information, although all through the e-mail it states that the subscription is free. I tried to send the last page through without completing any of the information and it won’t go through without the cc info. Guess I won’t be getting a magazine any longer either. :frowning:

You know… they dont charge you… And it can even be a debit card.

This is interesting. Why would they ask for a cc number then?

Not sure, but I’m guessing its for verification purposes. Or maybe its just the way their system is setup.

Well if it is for verification purposes - they will have to verify some other way. I’m not in the habit of just giving out cc information for something that is free. As I recall, for the last 3 years I have never had to provide them with this information to have my subscription extended.

Paul, I’ve looked through past emails and cannot locate your request; I apologize for this oversight. Please let me know how many issues you would like and I’ll make sure we get them sent out to your store.

I am so sorry. I have tried to get your subscription going but our subscription service has been working out some kinks. I’m more than happy to send you all of the back issues that you are missing. Please email me at and let me know what you’re missing and what address you want them shipped to.


This was a glitch in the subscription system. No credit cards were charged. This section of the application has been removed from the form and if you try again your submission should go through fine with no request for card verification.


So there’s a way to get a subscription of PMQ for free ?

I missed it. How does that work ?

Yes, just click here and fill out the form. You’ll need to renew your subscription online each year in order to keep it going.


Same problem here I have been trying so hard to get a subspriction again. I moved locations right around the renewal time and I have yet to get one and it’s 8 months later… will I ever get it again?

I tried the online digital link provided… I guess we will see what happens this time around.

Thanks Liz.

you might scan your computer for virus’s and spyware. I once filled out an order form for a place i frequently order from, and when i went to submit it, i got another page up with places for credit card info, debit pin numbers, etc. I definately had never seen that before and called the company to place my order. Turns out, i had some spyware/virus that was generating that last page.