Setting up a pizza shop

Hi Dino,
I live in Australia and my wife and I have decided to finally do something that we both have a passion for and open a pizza shop. I am an accountant by trade and my wife has been working as a barrista/waitress/supervisor in the cafe industry for the past 10 years. Thats our basic background. We have identified a shop and we now need to organise all of the finer details (some are large!). In terms of equipment, the following is a list of what we believe that we require:

  • gas conveyor oven capable of approx 120 12" pizzas per hour
  • refridgerated stainless steel work bench with separate ingredient bins on top and refridgerated cabinets below
  • dough mixing machine
  • food processor
  • dough rolling machine
  • oven/grill
  • espresso machine
  • tables and chairs
  • cutlery
  • china
  • and lots of other small stuff

In your opinion, do you think we have it covered and can you suggest anything that we may have overlooked and anything else that you deem important. I know that you would be a very busy man and i would take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this email and respond to it.

Best Regards,

Chris Maher

Every shop is a little different. For your equipment list, it looks like you are planning a wider menu than just pizza. The omission that jumps out at me is refridgeration. Walk-in? Freezers? Beverage/salad cooler?

You will not find that many restaurants have a “food processor”. The machine that mixes your dough will take on those chores.

I guess that glassware might be included under china?

hand sink
mop sink
veggie sink
ice machine
prep table
cut and pack table
steam table
stove top burners
ice tea maker
pos/cash register
credit card machine/printer
cheese grater attatchment

What will your store concept be?
Carry out (take away)
Fast and Friendly
Now, tell us something about your pizza concept:
Traditional (thin crust/hand formed)
Deep-dish (questionable in your market place as this style is not all that popular in Australia)
Few toppings (think fast and cheap)
Lots of toppings (good value for the money)
Pretty mainstream (like everyone else)
Can you give us an idea of what your menu will look like?
All of this information should be in your business plan, so it should be just a matter of pulling it out.
The reason for going this route is to make sure your equipment package is compatible with your store concept.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor