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Almost all of my equipmet was purchased at local auctions. Every area that I have seen there is a local auction that has regular restaurant auctions. Check those out. They have a viewing a day before and you can check things out, look at everything, ask them for an extention cord and plug the stuff in. Ask them where they got the peice from (what type of restaurant) Write down names and models. Go home and do some research online and check the products out. Find out what local resellers are selling these products for and compare prices. Then you go fully armed to go to the auction the next day. Bid on what you like, and know that your not overpaying!



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You can also check out the PMQ Classifieds for used equipment. There are several companies that deal in used equipment (look in the Resource Guide in PMQ’s Pizza Magazine…the pages in the back of the magazine). Sometimes you can find stuff on eBay, but I have heard good stories and bad about buying equipment there, so be cautious.



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canukfanlady came up with this link in another post:

http://www.google.com/search?q=pizzeria … .microsoft:




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http://us.businessesforsale.com/us/Busi … in-US.aspx

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check out bizbuysell dot com

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are you loking to get a place in any particular location? and what price range do you have in mind?